War matchmaking changes on the way? NOPE!!!!

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Re: War matchmaking changes on the way? NOPE!!!!

Post#21 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:57 am

Thanks for the input DeathStriker! I will play around with the team selection.

Boog, I like your thinking, lol

ObiWanKenobi2016, I agree that this has to be fixed and it seems that it could be an easy thing for the devs to do.

We have only done 7 wars and have been underdogs in all of them and most by a lot. Were a Rebel squad and get instant match ups and I mean instant. As soon as you click to enter the match making and go into the chat we are already matched up (within 2 seconds). I guess with more Imperial squads and players they have to wait till a Rebel squad enters match making and the Rebels just get the next Imperial squad that as been waiting the longest. At least it sure seems that way to me.

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Re: War matchmaking changes on the way?

Post#22 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:00 pm


We caught a post with written with some misconception regarding PartylikeVader.

wedge wrote: [...]sqauds like skeleton crew and PLV would hate that, no more baby seal clubbing.\ :lol: :lol:

The context of this post is in Squad War matchmaking. Clumping PartylikeVader with "baby seal clubbing" and "skeleton crew" in this context leads the reader to think PartylikeVader engaged in intentional sandbagged/mini Squad War matchups. All 56 of PLV's Squad War matchups incorporated maxed or closely maxed HQ5-10's. When PLV formed in August 2016 we entered matchmaking with a consistent core of max HQ5-8. By March 2016 we entered matchmaking with a consistent core of max (near max) HQ7-10.

Historically, arguments of "baby seal clubbing" from the context of conflicts seem to have gone tangent and turned into PLV engaging in easy WAR. We have screenshots of our WAR rosters and matchups which completely disprove this insinuation. Moreover, most of the mini's who now play in PLV joined at or after the time PLV halted WAR due to the mass genesis perpetual conflicts in Spring 2017, rendering them unable to even participate.

We've shared screenshots before exposing the mismatches we faced in our own Squad War endeavors. We typically matched against squads at significantly higher basescore levels than our own. The mirrors for our 1800 base score HQ7's were 2100 HQ9's. We have videos of our HQ6-7's pulling epic wins on 2000-2400 base score HQ9-10's to get our 45 uplinks.

You can search our war history and say, "I've never heard of that squad. They must be baby seals." However obscure/poorly organized squads can easily win just because they out-basescore. We've had matchups with Yavin/Hoth/Er'kit, making it extremely difficult for our HQ6-7 to take our their mirror HQ8-10's - but easy for them take out us (HQ6 stormies take forever to knock out HQ9 perimeter buildings). We've had many tough matchups and pulled off some cool wins.

The PLV mini's doing well in conflicts phenomena has recently turned into misnomers about us and Squad Wars. Nonetheless, these are completely false.

Happy Hunting and Best Wishes from us at PartylikeVader.
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