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Post#1 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:08 am

Hi Squad
Hi fish the 1st were are you? American Spain etc is good we are in the UK. GMT +1 at the minute.
As I'm in bed when you post so game does not always keep the posts.
Just as long as are aware of this.
This squad is very laid back because posting on here has seemed like a total waste of time as no one reads it.
If they did then they would have known about auto boot.
It's easier just to kick them out and stop wasting my time.

Deather was subject to auto boot after 30days game kicks you out. So nothing to do with the squad.
If he was on holiday and had no access to the game he could have
1:told us
2: given us the password
We would have looked after the base???
His status was reduced to member for the same reason, lack of activitie.

Judie pie was inactive for over ten days and others wanted that spot.
Not even sure who as soon as the spot was free it was filled.

Will not put up with bad language.

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