Strike✪Force®™ is recuiting

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Strike✪Force®™ is recuiting

Post#1 » Tue May 29, 2018 5:07 pm

To all rookies.... I just created an imperial squad ---> HQ level 5 (soon level 6), 3000 medals...are my stats.... please join and we will rise & shine together.... & RULE! (...and i have cookies too for you *smile* - means i have alot of troops to send)

*Unite the galaxy... by all means necessary* Obsession is the ticket to a bunch of active & addicted players 24/7 online. Unexcused absence = being frozen in carbonite & sold to Jabba! Est. 05/29/18

To be honest & humble at this very moment the member count is 2... but as ssoon as we reach the recommanded 15 members (with HQ 3 at least) we will do squad wars as much as possible!

Strike✪Force®™ <---- search for it you won´t regret it!

(if you have trouble in finding the squad just type "stike" into the search tab - maybe you have to repeat the search 1-2 times)

You must know that back in the old days of 80ies on the Commodore C64 Homecomputer there was a really good and cool cracker/demo scene - group names Strike Force so i like to keep that name and spirit alive

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