[THE-IG] Level 50 squad looking for War Junkies, Level 4+

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[THE-IG] Level 50 squad looking for War Junkies, Level 4+

Post#1 » Wed May 23, 2018 6:54 am

Dear fellow Imperial Commanders!

After a pause in May, the squad "THE-IG" will restart War Campaign and looking for dozen war junkie.

We are easy going but highly efficient squad (TrueSkill™ 27k).
Our Requirements:
- Willing to Win Wars back to back, unless too many key players ask for pause
- Wars start usually from 10h00 AM EST / 10h00 PM Perth Time
- level 4 minimum and few PVP victories.
- No need high amount of medals
- just read English and donate what is requested (default are either speeders or jumpers)
- and... That's it !

Our Benefits
- Level 50 Squad with all perks unlocked
- No need install another app but LINE is welcome
- Family style squad, we are same core team for more than 1 year and several players are same family
- Active donations
- Experience, Skills and History to be undefeated more than 10 battles in a row
http://ksod.us/squad/a96349ef-3aa5-11e6 ... 87/history

Join us if you are struggling to level up and need War Loot to complete your bases.

Note: as we have +10 more slots open, merge-in are welcome, but again, need focus on Squad War


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