BetrayerSlayers wants you!

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BetrayerSlayers wants you!

Post#1 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:20 pm

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We are a new squad with a hell of a lot of progress to finish but we will get there. We require from our members to be as active as possible, moderators and my self will keep the ball rolling. We will be doing wars as soon as we get enough active participants(15).

Betrayer Slayers We are fresh out of the box, accepting any medal ranges and skill levels.

Active leadership is guaranteed with this squad. We strive and strife to be top contenders. Once we unlock wars we will be hitting our enemies where it hurts the most. But we will fight the odds and start in order to finish. If you want to join seek out Betrayer Slayers just look us up from your Squad Center.

Any input or reply will be read so if you are about to become a member reply to this thread to bump it to the top. Get in game and play with us today!

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