Squad looking for active players for Squad Wars!

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Squad looking for active players for Squad Wars!

Post#1 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:01 pm

Hi :)

USA:Elites is a fast growing Empire squad! We have a few openings.

We are formed by experienced members , that were forced to start new bases on android/fb gameroom after Disney announced closing windows server!!

We love to accommodate new less experienced players and veterans who had to restart due to the window closure.

We are a great, humor, friendly oriented group who are always willing to help each other. ALL ACTIVE PLAYERS WELCOME! We are an extremely stable squad with very little turn over.

Please come join us! Conversational English or as 2nd language is a requirement to avoid counter productive troop donations. Please select English as your default language under settings.

Simple Rules:
1) Have fun and be yourself - don't take things too seriously
2) Fill squad center requests with what is asked for then top off with troopers.
3) Active players looking for the Dark Side are more than welcome :)
4) Ok - that's it! Join us.

Expect quick donations! We just ask that you donate and help your mates!

Can't wait to meet you and have you join our squad. Search for USA:Elites under the join a squad menu. Spots available now... let us know you saw us on the forum.

just search USA, and scroll down till ya see USA:Elites. (android)
Blood_Reapers (Empire team) 8-)

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