NerfHunters is Recruiting/Discord a Must

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NerfHunters is Recruiting/Discord a Must

Post#1 » Sat May 20, 2017 11:16 am

We have been a tight group for awhile but are trying to find some new blood as a few have left..

We have won 5 out of our last 7 squad wars and the 2 we lost was close. We have several high ranking players as well

We want players that will contribute daily to Troops and Have some fun with us

We recently got a discord up and running as in-game chat sucks and we are hoping to use Discord as a main part of chat going forward. Uses for discord will Be to help prepare for squad wars.. Make sure no one has defense upgrades going at the time ect to make sure we are as strong as we can be and for just plain fun as well

We Also War once a WEEK atm but would like to Ramp that up if possible..

Can respond to this link if you wish or add me on Discord Lumos M4x1MUS#2897 and lets have a chat :)

Thank You and hope to see you Soon!!

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