Brasil squad recruiting !

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Brasil squad recruiting !

Post#1 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:52 am

Brasil is a squad for brazilians, we talk potuguese and we have active members , whatsapp group, we have almost every week one squad war, we having been wining have more then 2 months without losing one! our squad is lvl 37, our law is :
Dont stay away more then 3 days without telling on whatsapp and explaining, always read troops requests and be respectful!

Brasil é uma guilda br, falamos portugues , somos um esquadrao nivel 37, participamos de guerras de esquadroes todas as semanas praticamente e ganhamos muitas ! as regras do esquadrao sao : árticipe do grupo de whatsapp , se estiver afk por 3 dias sem avisar no whatsapp é expulso, sempre leia os pedidos de tropas e nuca desrespeite outro membro !

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