Solo's Finest is recruiting!

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Solo's Finest is recruiting!

Post#1 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:02 pm

Solo's_Finest is recruiting. Do you have what it takes?

I am Paul, the leader of Solo's Finest - the best fighters in the Rebel Alliance.

Our squad has very active players and we are looking to attract more active players who will:
    Donate regularly
    Be active during squad wars
    Be a good communicator in the chat area
    most importantly - have lots of fun

We only have a couple of other rules:
    only donate what is requested
    never donate wookies, pathfinders or banthas (unless requested)
    donate quality troops (e.g. Don't just put 4 rebels in an empty squad centre
    only top up with rebels when the squad centre is almost full
    again - must be active and have fun

We prefer players with previous experience (level 7+) though we will take players of lower ranks who will be active and good donators.

We have a lot of active members with a great sense of humour who are very welcoming. We are very active in squad wars - if you are active you will get a go.

If you think you have what it takes please feel free to join. We look forward to seeing you. Alternatively leave a message here.

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