SocialistDonater is looking for new players.

Fight for the Rebel Alliance: recruit members to your Squad or find one to join
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SocialistDonater is looking for new players.

Post#1 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:29 pm

SocialistDonater is an international group of rebel players who are looking for new squadmates. We primarily communicate in English, but speaking English is not mandatory. Having fun for us is as simple as:

1. Donate well and receive in kind. Vehicles are preferred, if possible. Avoid the 4 rebel soldier donation.
2. Honor your squadmates’ specific donation requests. Your requests will also be honored. When in doubt, donate speeders.
3. Invest your reputation.

If you understand that Star Wars Commander is a cooperative game where donating is top priority for everyone’s success, then you’re ready for SocialistDonater.

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