You can still play this game on Windows here is how...

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You can still play this game on Windows here is how...

Post#1 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:32 pm

Greetings fellow Windows players. Think the idea of playing a real time STAR WARS strategy game on a screen the size of your belt buckle is crazy. Hate cr-Apple products and don't want, or own a smart phone, then what you need is an emulator for your PC. If you want to enjoy playing STAR WARS COMMANDER on your 24 inch LCD monitor install an android emulator and then run the game on your PC. Join our Android platform Rebel Squad and play like we do on a PC.


is now recruiting. PM me for details on getting started if your interested in continuing to play on a PC. If you are already up and running we welcome new members - come grow with us. Thank you.
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