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Quantum's_Solace (Empire)

Post#1 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:42 pm

General stuff:

Faction: Empire
Platform: Android/iOS/Amazon

We are a group of active, but not over-the-top players who just love to have a blast playing SW Commander.

Originally, the group was started by a group of people from the US Military. All those members disappeared one day a few months ago, into the desert, with almost no warning. So, we are looking to build back up again. We've all been playing for several years, at least.

Most of our players are active every day and are active donors of troops. Being active is important and when inactivity get's real long we assume the player lost interest and say good bye. We are not super militant about this, but we expect our members to be involved.

Turn Ons: Princess Leia in a gold bikini. Long walks on Yavin 4 during sunsets.
Turn Offs: Anything slimy, in a pit or in the Dune Sea.


We've currently around 100k medals (we were about 3x times that when we had the full squad) and are ranked somewhere in 1800 and have been up in the triple digits when we had a full squad.


We are motivated, but relaxed. We enjoy a cult-like devotion to fun. Most of us are in N. America.

Csabi 21K medals L10 (Leader)
Bishop 17K medals L10 (Officer)
Horne 17K medals L10
Count Rathnam 17K medals L10 (Officer)
Double G Deuce 14.6K Medals L10 (Officer)
Lord Helmet 5.5K medals L9


When we get up to 20+ active members, we limit the group to those with 3000 medals or more. Right now, we opened up the group to anyone.

We expect new members to have some amount of experience with the game. So level 6 as a minimum would be nice. We are more concerned with you being active in the group.

Several of us are also very active in the same Guild on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

How do you join us?

Search Up "Quantum's_Solace" in the game. Join.

At the moment of this writing we've got about 20 slots free.

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Re: Quantum's_Solace (Empire)

Post#2 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:26 am

How often do you war ?????

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