Requirement to Post in Squad Showcase - Please Read

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Requirement to Post in Squad Showcase - Please Read

Post#1 » Wed May 04, 2016 11:18 pm

The Squad Showcase forum is intended for squads to announce and highlight their achievements and accomplishments. In order to post in the Squad Showcase Forum, your topic must meet the following requirement:

1. Each Squad is allowed to only have one topic (for now, feeder squads are permitted to have their own topics.)
2. Topic name should simply be
    [Squad Name] - [Faction] - [Platform if not iOS/Android]
    add a short tag line if you like but please do not use any caps in the tag line.
3. The first posts in the topic must include the following information:
  • Current squad battle score (or total medal count)
  • Current leaderboard rank
  • Current squad leader and medal count, officers are optional.
  • Description of your squad e.g. achievements, personalities, beliefs, history...
  • (You may post screenshots of the in game Members List and Squad Overview instead of typing it out.)
4. After bullet 3 is complete, you may describe your recruiting strategy (either in the same post or new post)
5. This is not required but posting regular updates about your squad e.g. achievements, promotions, tidbits, will improve your squad showcase visibility and encourage further recruitment.

Here is an example of a good squad show case post by Alderaan-Memory

Up to this point, the requirements were not as clear and not heavily enforced. Going forward, please update your topic/post immediately. All topics that violate these rules will be purged in the next couple of weeks.

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Re: Requirement to Post in Squad Showcase - Please Read

Post#2 » Fri May 06, 2016 1:51 am

Thank you for the clarification commander : )
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