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Re: New HQ 8 Base

Post#21 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:12 pm

Nataabutterfly wrote:
mkenobi wrote:
Nataabutterfly wrote:
Tho, which way is best? Upgrade defense and dump medals or keep turrets at low lvl?

For mid level players, a good tip is don't upgrade your turrets and traps to your HQ level. Keep them at least one level below but with high Armory equipment (Heat Sink). Other tip is when you reach a new HQ level, don't buy the two extra turrets and traps immediately, they ad huge points to your base score at level 1 and are virtually useless. Don't be seduced by the short building time.

Drop medals before upgrade to a new HQ Level and you will be match with most same rivals for a while.

1) MAXED OUT BASES: If you are maxed out, you will need to drop medals because when everything is maxed to your HQ level you will be fighting rivals 1 level above you, and with many medals, you finish fighting rivals 2-3 levels above. Think about this if you are going to max out your defenses. Some squads require maxed bases to join a war party. Maxed bases always find rivals with high gears in conflicts = more points, less attacks.

2) SANDBAGGINGS: If you are sandbagging your defenses, you can keep a high number of medals for a while to fight strong rivals for good loot, but once they start to become stronger, drop medals. Sandbaggings always find rivals with low gears in conflicts. Less points, more attacks.

OMG!! Very good tips! My main base is lvl 8 atm with full turrets of 3-4 lvls, and i didn't got any traps. Maybe I should get turrets upgraded a bit, but dunno, I fear I will ruin PvP matchmaking , cause rn I'm getting 380-400 conflict points but in pvp I'm losing 6/10 defenses :(

The only defense that matters is heroic defense. Upgrade your defenses to a point where you can get the Bronzium Crate with as little effort as possible (no SC, heroes, starships), use the top north layout, until you get the guard reserve, walls and turrets equipments to a good level, and then you can use a layout to keep winning HD without sacrificing PvP defenses.

380-400 gears is too little for HQ 8. My HQ 6 Rebel got that by being maxed out without traps. My HQ 8 maxed out with traps gets about 540-640 score, but most rivals are level 9 if I keep 2k medals. With 10k medals it starts to fight Prestiges. Medals impact matchmaking too much, medal dumping is mandatory for players at mid level.


I take into consideration the table above, but posted only for reference. More accurate data is in the Death Striker post viewtopic.php?f=31&t=25223 or directly here

One level 1 turret adds 25 to your base, the two extra turrets add 50. A turret upgrade adds only 5 per level. The best thing to do when you get to HQ 7/8 is to upgrade all 12/14 turrets 1 level instead of building the 2 extra level 1 turrets and you will get almost the same amount of BS with a much better result.

An HQ 8 with level 6 turrets, high Armory equipment and a good layout can guarantee good defenses in PvP and bronzium Crate all the time. I don't see how you can ruin your PvP if you upgrade turrets one level or two. You will raise the level of your rivals a little bit but this means better score in conflicts. Not building any trap was the best thing to do. Don't build traps, or just build one and leave it at level 1 and bury it deep in your base to lure vanguards/shock troopers to suicide. Max the shields, they have little weight for base score, and max the walls since they have no weight for base score.
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