Empire base, HG L8

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Empire base, HG L8

Post#1 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:55 pm

Hey guys, i just joind this site.

I made the mistake of upgrading to HQ L8 to soon and now almost every defence i lose with 70%+..
Been looking around and its very few places you can find layouts made to move troops around with walls so i tried to make one. Tell me what you think..

I havent been attacked yet but will update as soon as i do

So far i mean to change some of the turret types, need atleast one more mortar and not sure where to put my resource generaters
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Re: Empire base, HG L8

Post#2 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:22 pm

:roll: As an lv8 rebell i'd love to receive your base as an option to attack, but that's not going to happen becouse of my medal count and rank being very different and pushing me to harder enemyes. I'd put one trooper near your deka and near your SC so that i could call the troops outside and then put another one near the cantina to attract them there were i'd make a barbecue. Your still low level turrets would have difficulty killing my 2 gamorreans whyle the jug and jets invade.
i liked your traps positioning altough...

As you have a deka, make a playground for it to attack enemy without being easily fooled outside the safe limits where it can be killed to easily by spreading walls and resource builders so that enemy can't deploy troops to counteract, got it?

last thing. Enjoy the good part. you got there too fast, and still have a low medal count for a lv8 player and ranked at 4 only. Take advantage of that by researching all our attacking nits to lv8 and get into the conflicts and permanently unlock and upgrade special units. Don't waste your time on limited amount prizes on conflicts as that will rise fast your medal count and someday it will be harder for you to get ultrachrome when needed... Your still lower medal and rank will help you favorably in the conflicts by getting easy opponents due to favorable matchmaking.

shouldn't be helping an empire cockroach but will let it pass this time. You still have the chance to abandon it and join the rebells :lol:

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