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Re: Galaxy Control - New Home For SWC Players

Post#41 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 1:57 am

...we enjoying GC at Marauders-Delta and our sis squad Marauders-Whiskey...come to join GC...the more senior players of SWC will join that game, the more fun we will get to kick butts of senior GC-players...bc many guys of GC-guys are laughing about us...till the laughing will stuck in their throat...we have global chat in that game, this chat is without any level and here they are talking about senior SWC-players, we will never get that skills to beat them Im level 12 and kickin their butts, its much fun guys, the best is, no hurry to levelup base quickly, fair matchmaking in pvp...ceeya at Galaxy Control 3D
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Re: Galaxy Control - New Home For SWC Players

Post#42 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:49 pm

The 'CircleOf' family have a number of squads in Galaxy Control , if anyone is looking for a squad let me know, you'd be welcome to join. We currently have:
Circle of Masters
Circle of Lords
Circle of Sith
Circle of Mavericks
Circle of Sabers

Also, we created a few Clash of Clans clans:
CircleOf.Swords (th9 and above)

I play both but IMO CoC is a far better game. Below are my opinion on the Pros and Cons of each.

Advantages of GC over CoC:
-You get to keep you troops if they don't die in battle
-During the events you can watch and 'help' your squad mates with air support. (In CoC you can watch you clan mates attack live but dont help them).
-You can upgrade walls even if all builder droids are busy
-Its a space theme, and some SWC players seem to like that more than fantasy theme of CoC
-In LINE we organise war matching with other ex SWC squads and you get probably 70% chance of matching. In CoC the sheer number of clans that exist in game would make this nearly impossible to fix matching with another clan, although you can arrange a friendly war with another clan.
-FX games (the developer) is like a 3rd or 4th tier developer, russian based. The company and its games are so far down the mobile game revenue listings that it puts the games long term viability into question, therefore increasing the likelihood of another Zynga style game kill off.

Advantages of CoC over GC are:
-More Regular Game Updates (I cant recall seeing any in GC since I started playing)
-Larger number of people in clans (up to 50, vs GC 25)
-Massive online content on youtube, Discord, eSports etc (GC has virtually none, plus the wiki is incomplete)
-Developers have an active relationship with the gaming community, and broadcast videos to the community around game update times etc. One major grip everyone had with SWC was that the developers were completely out of touch with the players. This is exactly the same problem with Galaxy Control.
-Wars are better, you can have anywhere from 5v5 up to 50v50 (versus max 10 in GC)
-War matching is better. Ex SWC squads have faced a large number of 'sandbagger' squads where the opponents include a few low level bases and the rest are maxed CC12. This is almost impossible to do in CoC due to the matching algorithms being very superior.
-War rewards are better. In GC I often found myself saying whats the point in warring when you spend more uranium on troops than you win back.
-In game offers and giveaways are more regular and much better than in GC.
-More in game events to complete, which make the game more interesting. GC is a bit stale in that they have 2 different events each month and they are both very repetitive. CoC has 2 major events each month with the Clan Games, and Clan War Leagues, but they also have other smaller events to complete through the month.
-You can practice war attacks by doing 'friendly challenges' in game. Means you can test out different troop combinations and strategies as much as you want at no troop build cost.
-Original content, not copied from other games (unlike FX games ripping off CoC)

Final point to note. FX Games have basically ripped off CoC in that majority of the buildings and troops in both Galaxy Control and Dragon Lords (one of their other games) have been carbon copied. Other than the names and the visuals, all the abilities of all the troops and all the buildings are exactly the same as CoC. See below.

Cannon = Cannon
Lasers = Archer Towers
Ion Cannon = Xbows
Devastator = Eagle Artillery
Missile Turret = Air Defenses
Sentry Cannon = Tesla Tower
Siege Cannon = Mortar
Prismatic Ray = Inferno Tower
Gatling Tower = Wizard Tower
Phase Cannon = Bomb Tower. Even exact same in how it blows up at the end

Marine = Barbarian
Hawk = Archer
Wasp = Goblin
Storm = Giant
C4 = Wall breaker
Hornet = Balloon
Raptor = Wizard
Repair ship = Healer
Imperator = Dragon
Ss8 = Pekka
Raven = Baby Dragon
Ghost = Miner
Arc = Electro Dragon

Dragonfly = Minion
Maverick = Hog Rider
Berserk = Valkyrie
Hercules = Golem
Seeress = Witch
Moros = Lava Hound
Blast = Bowler

Even the features of defenses exact same. Example: Ion Cannon you can switch from ground mode with longer range to ground and air mode with shorter range. Exact same.
Prismatic is exact same as inferno tower in that you can change from single target to mutli target.
Devastator is exact same as Eagle Artillery in that it activates after certain amount of troops deployed and targets you high uc troops anywhere on base.
Teleporter trap is exact same as skeleton trap in that it summons defending troops and you can switch from ground to air mode.
Beserks have same attack as valks. Spinning round hitting all surrounding buildings.
Mavs same as hogs. Jumping walls targeting defenses.
Seeress same as witches. Summoning orbs instead of skeletons.

Command Ship = Spells in CoC

Air Strike = lightning spell
Area Healing = heal spell
Wrath = rage spell
Freeze Bomb = Freeze spell
Aurora = dark spell factory
Dirty bomb = poison spell
Destabiliser = earthquake spell
Booster = Haste spell
GC / CoC account:Bacon
GC Squad:Circle Of Masters
CoC Clan:CircleOf.Swords
LINE ID: sgu97cab

***CircleOf. group of squads/clans are recruiting players of all abilities. If you are currently without a squad/clan please PM me on this forum or on LINE app***

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Re: Galaxy Control - New Home For SWC Players

Post#43 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:54 am

fwe tips to know about the game. to join squad need to do 2-3 weeks of upgrading. actually this game is really serious for levels and progressing. means you need to put some work in and certainly you will start as a newby no matter how good you are at strategy games.

once you get past the squad thing its all about upgrading your troops first. loot is very hard to come by in the early stages of the game. the green stuff - minerals - for builiding things is what is needed to start with and to progress that is a key element of the game.

this game is very well thought out to stop bullying or over playing. there is a 30 minute time out if been on it for 3 hours non stop.

Events are every other week like SWC themed but not conflict style. either earn medals or earn crystals.

word on the crystals - this game has very generous supply daily and worth using android to play it for to get.

It is a good game - been around for ages so some really high level players. If you want to get into it seriosly I have found that once you reach experience level 60 the game takes on proper PVP stuff. Meaning it becomes hard, a lot of time to get resources and also heartache if you lose a battle - 40 medals.

I started back in March after SWC decided to end. I am at L67 on 1575 medals. Not many get over 2500 it is that difficult.

Good game though but not like SWC where you can be the king just by upgrading your stuff.

One more good thing about this game tho is, its a nice community and also you can upgrade and come back tomorrow kind of thing. It is not as nasty as what SWC was. Also the chat features are really good.

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Re: Galaxy Control - New Home For SWC Players

Post#44 » Fri Dec 25, 2020 6:54 am

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