full alloy storage

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Re: full alloy storage

Post#11 » Thu May 21, 2020 3:59 am

Midge wrote:
DarthBratzzznew wrote:Maybe try to upgrade to Elite level @Yzboy

Always loved warring with you guys and the back and forth on here, from what I can remember, was always fun.

:) Hope to see you in a war down the stretch, bud.

Likewise Midge,
If you happan to play Clash of Clans you'd be welcome to visit us at CircleOf.Swords. Leader is also a forum member, Bacon, my playername there is Oog van Sauron :)

Proud Officer of the CircleOf Family of squads. Many experienced and motivated longtime high-level players; regular/against OP/NO OP wars, to each his own. English spoken. Worldwide brotherhood of rebel scourges :twisted:

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