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Post#11 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:26 am

geoman48 wrote:DS - Are y'all still warring in your squad? My main squad is still warring and getting super easy opponents full of "Prestige" players that don't know how to attack. My "newbie" squad, aka JesusServants, which had 1 Prestige player before the unlock, now has almost all "Prestige" players, we lost our most recent war badly due to all the "Prestige" players not knowing how to attack.

Anyway, just wanted to revive this thread to say thank you again. I love this forum. :mrgreen:

geoman48 - Thanks for the complement. :D

Yes both Squads I am in (see my Forum Signature) are doing back to back Wars... sometimes we get Matched to a "Nooby" All Prestige Squad which we "school" on how to do War at Prestige Level and somtimes we get Match with a "War Hardened" All Prestige Squad which provided a "challenge" and maybe gives us a lesson or two on "don't get cocky" :lol:

AND SO... the "true Battle" now is finding something to keep your interest until the game ends... I for one am currently looking forward to the Player Organized Tournament - Galactic War IV - Final War.
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