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Re: How to Enjoy SWC/Rise of Skywalker

Post#31 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:46 pm

DarthStrutter wrote:
mkenobi wrote:
DarthStrutter wrote:Sorry but that's a bad mentality. That's all on you, not on the movie or Disney. Simplify. If you can't sit down and enjoy a movie then you are the problem. If you feel you must pick a mivie apart to where you can't have fun watching a movie, again you are the problem. Movies, music, are supposed to be fun.

Sorry, but you don't know what you're saying. First, you cannot set a profile based on a single opinion, this is prejudice. Second, each one has a personal experience that cannot be ruled out when analyzing a movie. Fortunately, not everyone has the same opinion or we would just be a bunch of jerks talking bullshit all the time. Third, I agree with you that movies, music, and also books and TV shows should be fun, but it's not all movies, or songs, or books or TV shows that are fun. Common sense and coherent criticism are required in any artistic strand.

TLJ has failed in many ways as a cinematographic work. It failed even more as heir to a franchise that everyone always hopes for the best. If you liked it, great for you. I keep saying that if it wasn't for SW I would have regretted watching it, because as a cinematographic work it has not added anything to my experience as cinephile, or to the genre in which it is inserted. And as SW it's only no worse than Holiday Special, only.

Episode 9 may steal this position from Holiday and become the worst SW in history, or it may be the best of all, or at least it may be redemption for Disney and everyone at Lucasfilm, and show that there is intelligent life after George Lucas. And poorly written characters like Dameron, Finn or Rose who have gained so much screen time on TLJ without deserving it, may finally show some brilliance.

I hope to be surprised, in the positive sense, after all it's SW. One of the things I am proud of as cinephile is to have seen A New Hope in theaters long before it was called A New Hope, and obviously I'm not talking about the Special Edition. Every time I review the original trilogy, the same emotions of the past return, as if for the first time. Will I feel it ten, twenty years from now when I'm reviewing Episode 9? Hope so. But I am not optimistic.

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Are you saying you don't see the flaws in A New Hope?

Where did you read that I said that?

A New Hope has the biggest plot hole in the history of SW movies that only Rogue One, nearly 40 years later, fixed. And mini plot holes that many who have seen the movie have never realized, and even special editions have not been able to soften.

Even so, it's a pretty much perfect movie, not because George Lucas was a genius ahead of his time (and he wasn't) but because he surrounded himself with great collaborators in every production sector, especially his wife at the time Marcia, who was responsible for the editing and script and dialogues, which is where George has the most trouble.

He took care of just about everything in the prequels, and everyone here saw what he gave: midiclorians, Jar Jar, poor dialogues, Jake Lloyd, visual effects overdose, bla bla bla, and George is horrible when directing actors...

I cried like a baby in the end of Rogue One. Lucky I wasn't in theaters, or I was going to be embarrassed. And I cried when I saw the movie over and over. Rogue One was the SW movie I've been waiting to see since Return of Jedi. I was expecting that kind of thrill when I went to see Episode 8, with Luke reunited with Leia, and everything involving Rey's parents, but I stayed away from it.

I'm probably going to cry sometime in Episode 9, I don't know if it will be because the movie will be exciting, but probably because it will be the end. And especially because those Carrie Fisher scenes are the last we'll see of her.

I don't know how much of Carrie we'll see, or whether Disney digitally recreated the actress's face to supply needed scenes, that's another thing I'm curious to find out.
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Re: How to Enjoy SWC/Rise of Skywalker

Post#32 » Tue Dec 31, 2019 5:09 am

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