WTF With Zynga - Pushing Game Update Early Before Event Ends

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WTF With Zynga - Pushing Game Update Early Before Event Ends

Post#1 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:43 am

WTF with devs???

18min to event end, researching last bonus crate and servers off for updating??? WTF?????
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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#2 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:46 am

They are just a bunch of damn bastards, they deserve to burn in hell.

I was going to open my last Crate for my 5 bases right now, and use crystals to complete 2 researches before it finishes. Now they fucked up with everything. And they got me really mad.
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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#3 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:50 am

Same here. Furious email inbound.

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#4 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:52 am

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#5 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:52 am

Well, after four years of playing that's done it for me. Deleting.

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#6 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:54 am

That is so shit of them to do this.
So wrong in so many ways. The nerve of them.

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#7 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:57 am

It installed the new update and then reverted back to ‘ hang tight you mug ‘ message .

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#8 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:58 am

Joke of a game... embarrassment to developers worldwide.
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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#9 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:00 am

This is so fucking stupid!!!

A ton of players would have spent crystals to get the last crate in time.
Gues Zynga don't want players to spend crystals!

Holly shit there would have been a 2 h downtime, between event end and the start of the new conflicts.
Buy a fucking clock devs!

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Re: WTF with devs???

Post#10 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:03 am

JFC...this just beggars belief!! It makes the worst farce ever look respectable! Are we just at the arse end of a bunch of incompetent clowns!! Sure passes that effing test. Appalling!!!
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