Will The Results Of The MTT Event Change PvP?

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Will The Results Of The MTT Event Change PvP?

Post#1 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:19 am

What will come after MTT event?

Many MTT flags are distributed now. It's over power units, which clear any bases if they are high level. We have to prepare what's coming.

My two cents.
1. No More defense wins
It's typical strategy to fight Dev Bases on home planets (Reb: Sand, Imp: Green and Hoth), and win defenses on opponent's home planets. It will end. If we camp on opponent's home planets (especially while you sleep), MTTs flatten you. After we wake up, we’ll see our base under protection and get zero or only a few defense wins. SWC is PvP game. Defense wins must be exceptional. I welcome this move.

2. Base design change
When we design our base, we have to consider Jump/Jets, Kessen and Kubaz/Ithorian. Burst turrets are majority against Jump/Jets. Experienced player's bases are now anti Kubaz/Ithorian bases. It doesn't have any holes for them to be deployed and destroy shields easily. Barracks and Deka/Deko are placed to prevent easy Kessen shot to SC. We will be forced to change Burst to Rocket. Rocket is effective for vehicles in power and target. If vehicles are in shot range of rockets, they prefer to shoot vehicles even though there are tons of Dowtuins.
One more resort is walls. Now, walls are used to spread bases to prevent timely unit deployment because Jets/Jumps can fly over. We have to consider bringing back buffed walls against MTTs. Multi-layer walls. It may save you to give 3stars, and end in 2 stars if you have luck. 

3. More players leave SWC: Impact on War
When buffed Jets/Jumps were introduced, they were criticized as "No Brain Attack", but it's not true. Very limited number of players can get 3 stars by Jets/Jumps. Typical players can get 2 stars by Jet/Jump spam with SC and full air (unless they are medal dumpers). However, high level (Lv10 or 11) MTTs give you real "No brain Attack Win". Guaranteed 3 stars without skill (at least 2 stars). It will cause high skill or experienced players to leave SWC, because they don't feel fun anymore.
For good or bad, many high skill players (especially Reb who faces GR Snipers/Rodians) don't play PvP anymore. They live in the last SWC paradise,"No OP War" (No Outpost War), and attack Dev bases and earn defense wins when they find flags they are interested in. However, attacking dev bases is SUPER BORING. I feel wasting my life to attack them, because it's not challenge. It's same as MTT attack. Guaranteed 3 stars are not fun.
In addition, normal Outpost WAR will die. If you have lv5 or higher MTTs, you can clear bases on War without outposts. It causes more and more 45:45 results. If your squads have leadership to move to No Op war restricting MTT/ITT (Wookie Wagon), it may extend your SWC life, but it's very tough. It requires LINE or out of game chat tools to prove deployed units, and majority players think it's too much. Frequent 45:45 results tire players and make them leave. It may impact the number of player more heavily. 

4. Who wins? Medal Dumpers
We will see more medal dumpers, who expect easy matching. Now, we find medal dumpers even at top 100 squads. If you dump medals, your chance to be attacked by high level MTTs becomes less. Medal dumpers continue to get easy win in attack and defense. 

We need strategical weapon against over powered defense with buffed Burst turrets and GR to make PvP back, but Zynga chose wrong approach, over powered MTT. MTT may be worse than Armory or GR.
I suggest one more things though less likely. There is a planet which MTT cannot flatten bases easily, Hoth. Cold MHC or Cold HFD is stronger than MTT. Before MTT era, Hoth is a planet which is relatively fair in attack and defense due to meat shield TaunTaun/INT4 and long shot range Cold MHC/HFD. If we may develop a base design, we still have chance of defense win for MTT, but not sure. Moreover, only a few people are motivated to attack human bases on Hoth. (Remind: Reb can win Imp on Hoth, but Imp has strongadvantage in defense due to Cold GR MHC. Reb misses GR HFD). 

Adjust or die. Another mess, MTT.
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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#2 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:28 am

Well, here's your answer to the thread:
Galactic Conflict - Undead Units (Return of The Sickness)

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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#3 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:24 am

Kind of agree with most of what the op says but if you swap out to rocket turrets your left wide open to jet jump spam and I think your still gonna get attacked more from that load out than MTT spam as cooking is slow with 1 cantina.
Also I think ITT is just as powerful as MTT but this seems to get overlooked, it's great unit with dand in war.
One thing I don't get is why these units are only 12 UC in transports? When atat is 30 the MHC is 12 and that new shit chicken walker is 16? 3 shit units with way more space capacity than the far superior MTT/ITT . Total imbalance imho these units need either nerfing or the space capacity significantly increased to say 18 even 20 , agree gonna be alot more 45/45 wars in the near future if things stay as they are ops will be pointless.
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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#4 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:09 am

Well thought out post, tomatoKid. I agree with some of your points, not all though.

MTT is a powerful unit, but if you limit the number of MTT units in load, then it's not a huge problem. The main problem is with 10-11 L10 MTTs, back by 8 healships. That's why I had suggested to limit the number mercenary units to 3 per attack.

Also agree with Chaotic999 on the severe imbalance between IMP vehicle units (and same applies to rebel vehicles too). Just ridiculous that ATAT at 30, ATDT and ATDP at 16 while both ITT/MTT are only 12 UC. MHC is fine at 12 UC though, no need further adjusting, as you can equip with Hoth skin. I don't see anyone complaining about MHC being at 12. In fact, MHC is one of the favourite units in restricted NO-OP wars for IMP, due to its long range turret busting power. If anything, devs should add sand/forest skin for MHC/HFD in the future to encourage more mech attack on these planets (instead of just jumps/jets).

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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#5 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:39 pm

The MTT at levels 5-8 are very-very effective. Level 9 and 10 are just plain nasty and when you figure in a cook time of about 3 minutes you can definitely see the value there. I think we will see a heavy dose of the both transports in the future. As far as playing defense I would adopt the following policy in which I use which is just try not to get 3 starred and that's coming from someone with Max GR. MTT and SMTT will be virtually impossible to defend against. If I were a Rebel I would set up on Hoth and have about an even distribution of rockets/sonics, tauntauns, squad center full of hails and maybe a Lugga, and protect the hell out of the squad center to avoid getting sniped. Should be interesting times for sure after this event ends. Hopefully the SMTT and MTT will give guys some beer muscles so they will attack more....win or lose on defense I just enjoy getting some action.
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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#6 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:35 pm

What a bunch of crybabies!

1. You cry when they don't release new stuff.
when they do release new stuff
2. You cry when the new stuff is so weak that no one uses it
3. You cry when the new stuff is strong enough that people start to use it

It sounds like people want to cry no matter what!!!

I for one welcome a change in tactics! This game was getting so stagnant! There hasn't been any real change in tactics since the jet/jump skins were released several years ago.

Adapt of quit!

Besides, you are like chicken little crying that the sky is falling! Oh my, the 12 high level MTT attack with 8 heal ships! It's so OP and with 'no brainer' 3-star wins all the time! Yeah right! I have been attacked by this around 10 times so far and not one attack was able to get the 3-star win that is supposed to be a no-brainer... that's a 100% failure to get that 3rd star! Jumps/jets have a much better 3-star win ratio and they don't take 70 minutes to cook!

They do however break squad wars...

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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#7 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:19 am

strawman3125 wrote:What a bunch of crybabies!

1. You cry when they don't release new stuff.
when they do release new stuff
2. You cry when the new stuff is so weak that no one uses it
3. You cry when the new stuff is strong enough that people start to use it

It sounds like people want to cry no matter what!!!


They do however break squad wars...

So true!

So far, since the MTT/ITT/Wookie Bus have been around, for over one year now I believe, I have only been attacked ONCE By the loadout described above: 10-11 L10 MTTs backed by P-level air rescue (the flying tampons). The result was not even a 100% loss, though my base looked rather flat at the end.

I suppose this attack would be devastating , but it takes over one hour to cook 10-11 high level MTTs AND even more to cook this air support. Besides, the max number of MTTs one can line up in the Cantina is 6, meaning you have to log in again while waiting for your troops. Big annoyance in my book.

So, OP or not this kind of attack is not often going to happen.
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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#8 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:05 am

Agreed, I hardly ever get attacked by lvl 10 mtt waves, 2x since the units came out to be precise. And those guys didn't get 3*
As for pvp: I got a lvl 8 mini that has lvl 3 mtts and I usually floor 2-3 prestige bases in squad wars with them without ops. So they work at lvl 3 as well in my opinion and though it's still hard on the mini because of the lower army size, any lvl 10-11 base can flatten any base in game with lvl 1-3s in my opinion, so yeah, broken unit for war. Also why our squad is now practicing restricted no-op.

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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#9 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:47 am

@Strawman always says that, and his experience matches mine. So far nobody using a full loadout of MTTs got 3 stars from my Imperial HQ 11, and no one using any loadout got 3 stars since Prestige - except hackers using half a dozen jets/soldiers.

What @DarthBratzzznew said was one of the reasons I didn't give a damn when this unit came out, when we already had a similar unit, the ITT/Speeder Truck. Only now I was able to unlock and upgrade the MTT to my other bases.

It's a powerful unit, yes, of course it is, but it's not the salvation of PvP. It is no guarantee that you will get 3 stars over top bases all the time because you will not, at most, 2 stars, which anyone can get against my Imperial base with 24 jets and landseers if he knows what he is doing.

But it will improve the experience of many players, as they will be able to win bases that before were sure of defeat. It also will force players who only sit on defense during conflicts to move out of their comfort zone and attack if they want to stay in the high leagues.

It will force changes in layout, defensive equipments and strategies such as use reinforced walls, and a mix of bursts + rocket/sonics as jets/jumps, ITT/Truck/SMTT/TXs loadouts will become increasingly frequent.

But there are Live bases that are impossible to get 3 stars without using SC and full air, deal with it, and accept the 2 stars.

For conflicts, 2 stars represents a reasonable advance. However, for Events, 2 stars means that you will have to attack again if you need 150 EP, and again if the second attack is again 2 stars. You will end up having to make 3 attacks against Live bases to get 150 stars when you would have gotten it in just one attack against a Dev base.

And Rebels using MTT will have an advantage over Dev bases, since most Dev bases are clones of Imperial Live bases and most are Bursts farms. Imperials will have more problems because Dev bases are mostly Sonic/Rocket farms created especially for this.

For Prestiges, I don't believe there will be a big impact on PvP, but the amount of defenses will certainly be reduced. Accept.

Now at mid-level, when many HQ 7 and HQ 8 players start using Level 4-5 MTTs, defenses will be next to impossible. I've been attacking with my Imperial HQ 7 and Rebel HQ 7, and both have SMTT level 5 now, and I can destroy most bases in 1 minute.
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Re: What will come after MTT event?

Post#10 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:10 pm

The spider conflict on all planets. Just wish there was an event too!!!
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