Is level 9 the perfect level for this game?

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Re: Is level 9 the perfect level for this game?

Post#31 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:11 am

Dolphin75 wrote:In support of Level 9 as the place to be, let me offer the following. When this week-long event ends tomorrow, my L9 Rebel base will have unlocked one unit and one elite skin, upgraded five units by at least one level, upgraded two skins by one level, and most of the upgrades were for units I use every day. I never saw a dev base! It truly doesn’t get much better then that for satisfying game play. In contrast, if I’d played one of my maxed out Prestige bases, I would have needed to attack almost twice as much, seen mostly dev bases, and would have been lucky to get a single level upgrade for a skin I never use on attack. Case closed.

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