Fake News! No Max Loot Dev At All!

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Re: Fake News! No Max Loot Dev At All!

Post#11 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:34 am

CoolGuy wrote:
Lord wrote:l'm a fucking idiot

I quoted the most relevant part of the post. Haven't seriously used my Prestige base for many months, it took me about 5 base skips on Tatt to find a fully loaded dev base.

Same here. Took no time at all for me yesterday.
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Re: Fake News! No Max Loot Dev At All!

Post#12 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 6:54 pm

mkenobi wrote:I did some attacks during my HD tour with my Rebel and Imperial bases, and it's not easy to find Dev bases. If you need to fill your storages, have patience. We are at the end of an emptied conflict, most of the player base is inactive, this increases the number of live bases available on all planets.

As Rebel, it seems that many imperials are camped on Kit trying to win defenses. I had to skip more than 30 bases, including Darth Bratzz, and skip the same bases 2-3 times, i got one or two CNFOs, and retry untill find Dev bases and fill my storages.

As Imperial, it was less difficult to find Dev bases on Takodana, but I also had to skip dozens of Live bases, Shelendil's base between them, until I found some Dev base. On Dandoran after a dozen of skips, I could find a Dev base.

I just hope this shit gets figured out by the beginning of the smtt conflict.

I am Empirical and from the beginning of the last conflict, on all planets except Tatooine and Erkit, our choices were either fully loaded, big boy/girl bases or L7-8 bases I felt a little (lol) bad attacking that only yielded half the conflict points that the fully loaded prestige bases had.
It was like that the whole conflict.

I have been playing since it was developed and since I was a level 9, I have not seen even one L 7-8 base and since I went to L10 have not seen anything under 10 until last week. I hope that it was as you said Kenobi and just the game leveling out due to the amounts of people playing on each planet and such but it seemed as something happened with the matchmaking or the high level developer bases were completely removed. Several of my players spoke of the same situations with them.

Also, one full day during the conflict, everyone in my squad was complaining that they could not find ANY bases to attack on Takodana or Yavin. Game kept telling them "no opponent's, try again".

Whatever it is I hope Zynga, Active Motion, or Disney get this shit straight by the beginning of this next conflict. I need a couple more upgrades on that smtt so I can continue keeping ya'll rebels off my ass because they work great on my base in the sc for defense and attacking.

Have a good day everyone
That's just my 2 cents..=)
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