Non-Guard Reserve Armory Structure Equipment Useless - Need No Armory Planet

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Re: Reinforced Contraband Trade

Post#21 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:27 am

Harshit wrote:
Therealharbinger wrote:
strawman3125 wrote:LOL I was commenting on the fact that a planet with no armoury would be a joke against ITTs, WWs and MTTs. All player bases would be equal to dev bases or player bases in no-OP wars... Dev bases are pretty much freebies and with 8 level 1 ITTs, WWs or MTTs you can already steam roll pretty much any player base in squad wars even while the enemy controls all 3 OPs. You would also have to ban those units on this planet to get the balance that you seek.

Ok here we go with a clearer suggestion.

What we need is a planet, say Endor or Dagoba, that is set to pre armory times with original units only.

So that means no togs, no sec droid iTT and MTT, at hauler the lot.

However the EATAT goes back to the range of 11 if anyone remembers that stupidity.

I can surely say this is never gonna happen, but good ideas anyway.

Of course not. Why would they.

Devs_ people upset attack is too hard.

Board room_charge them for something but dont call it pay to win

Smtts arrive_board room erupts in thunderous applause.

Devs_lets make a new turret that you can unlock once and hide it behind a huge pay wall.

Bonus day looks good.

Notice how the smtts were 100% chance in the boxes. Eliminates the gamble to win bad press that's going around. My theory anyway.

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Re: Non-Guard Reserve Armory Structure Equipment Useless - Need No Armory Planet

Post#22 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:54 am

A planet without armory ? And also with only original units ? Ok, but to be more fair to both factions : No more rebel medic droid and no more imp mechanical droid ...
I would like to see if the rebels would know how to attack without using the heavy soldiers + medic droids combo again as in the past ..
And of course, no Kessen,because it's not original either.-
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