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Zynga SWC Game Improvements - Good or Bad - Discussion Topic

Post#1 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:53 pm

Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

So we all hoped for good things from zynga after that fucking bunch of retarded idiots at Disney land fucked the game up, #medalgate, now zynga follow in the idiot mouse footsteps and give us "spider hero event¿??????????????¿¿????????????" ******* spider hero??????? WHY? ******* useless. We need Darth Maul hero (imps) and Obi wan Kenobi hero (rebs) grow a ******* brain zynga, don't be a ******* idiot like Disneyland FFS.
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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#2 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:04 pm

The spider and death trooper I would assume have decent value at HQ 8 and below. Not everything can be relevant or useful for HQ 9 and up. Both those units have major flaws in targeting and range which will absolutely get them murdered at Prestige level....they are good HD units though if you still need heroes in HDs.

Don't agree with you on Zynga's management thus far being as bad as Disneys. I see effort and communication that we haven't seen since the first couple of years SWC was released. Time will ultimately tell though...as of now I am a Zynga supporter... much better than what I have been accustomed to over the past couple of years....Hell, Disney support got so bad I stopped filling out tickets about 2 years ago.

Agree with you on the heroes though 10000%. Darth Maul and Obie would be awesome additions....Personally for me I would like to see another Merc Hero preferably Bobba Fett patterned off the Jump/Jets we currently have in game.
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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#3 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:47 am

Lots of positive game improvements
- New units (trucks)
- Game appears much more stable, no more embarrassing bugs after each updates
- New conflict uses 32/24/16/8 payout scheme, much fairer than before
- Reduce elite crate gear requirement
- Offense/defense balance is better than before. There is no more unbeatable base. If you are willing to commit air and SC, you can beat any base out there. If you don’t want to, then there are dev bases to beat for conflict gears
- Attempts to improve useless units

I think they do read player comments and act on them.

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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#4 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:56 am

I think Zynga has been an improvement over Disney. I can't fault them for having the spider event. They have no choice but to offer frag opportunities to newer players, for older units. They need to go through a cycle of units via various events and conflicts. If you introduce units and don't give opportunities for upgrades, then many players would be upset. I actually like the occasional breaks. Nice to be able to go all in on some events/conflicts and pull back on others. We just had the MTT's recently, so I don't expect a new unit every month. I think it's moving in a positive direction.
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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#5 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:30 pm

I think the change is better.

They seem to listen to feedback.

More events vs conflicts only. There was a 6-8 month or so period of just conflicts that was crazy.

Surveys on player feedback have happened that's a new and interesting approach.

They seem to respond to tickets actually now. I have had bugs or issues and they have helped with compensation or help on them.

New units and an event now too.

Time and patience is what is fair for them to have a chance to get things going.

This game is a few years old so time is needed im sure to take over and get things in a different direction.

So far it seems better than before at least.

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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#6 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:05 am

I do not know what game the OP is playing, but he can not compare Zynga with Disney. First, because we have already seen that Disney does not understand fucking anything about Star Wars or games, and Zynga is a company that is much smaller than Disney, but specializes in games.

Disney never gave a damn about the players, it was always "damn you all, but okay, we already know, now take this compensation and do not disturb anymore!" While Zynga has created a Survey and seems to be following our comments here to improve the game and please the players.

Zynga is doing what needs to be done, giving rewards in conflicts and events for different units, many of which we have not seen for months, if it's to keep those units in the game, at least give new players chances to unlock them and to old players to upgrade/max out them.

Alternating conflicts for important units with Events is the best option not to fatigue players who insist on grind for any unit in the game in an attempt to max out the unit the fastest possible. If you do not want to play conflicts, play Events, or vice versa, or take those weeks off until you have another conflict/event you want to attend.

No one needs to play everything the game offers, nor is it possible: conflicts, events, daily objectives, heroic defenses, squad wars, Tatooine storyline, or just casually attack, choose what best suits your profile.

I agree the gameplay is much more stable now, even though I still be having Status 6503 and Status 1516 and CNFOs from time to time, but nothing that is annoying as it was in the past with Disney.

Matchmaking has improved a lot, for all my accounts. My Rebel and Imperial Prestige now can find real bases that are possible to win, not by 3 stars all the time, but enough to complete an EP request, and Dev bases now have several types, from the maxed out prestige burst/sonic farms to less developed bases like HQ 10 and Prestige with turrets Level 8-9, which is easy to 3 stars with half the layout -- those bases are perfect for EP Events.

And I earned more crystals in 2 months than I earned in almost 5 years playing this game on Windows and Android! Despite my two Prestige already have the 5th worker droid, the current crystal orgy allowed me to buy the 5th droid for all my 4 low level bases, what means I can buy the 5th droid right now for my two HQ 6 if I want. Can you believe in this? A HQ 6 with 5 worker droids without spending a cent in crystals ???

They increased the number of frags in conflict crates, and they reduced the amount of EP for Elite Crates. Great job!

Do not know how long SWC will be online, but now the game is much more playable under Zynga than it was with Disney, so one more time, fuck Disney! And I am having fun playing with all my bases for the first time in years.

Thank you, Zynga! :D :D :D
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Re: Zynga/mouse/swc Desperation.

Post#7 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:07 pm

I also appreciate Zynga's efforts. I have 2 accounts (prestige & maxed hq9).

For most of 2019 my Prestige account was a squad warrior only. With the recent events & conflict, I have dusted off my device more than every other day. The Rage Rancor actually kept the device active for a full conflict grind, instead of just accumulating defensive wins.

My hq9 has been more active since I decided not to upgrade further. The recent events have been fun. I am back to setting alarms to wake up to attack instead of letting things slide.

The MTT has been interesting. It brought hq10s and the occasional Prestige base into my attack range. Previously they were full loadout+squad+air for 2*s at best. It also did the opposite for my defense, allowing many more rebels to succeed against me. This made me rethink and redesign my base. Again, I have been engaged in the game instead of just going through the motions.

The current event has awarded crystals as set stage prizes for the first time and I've seen more crystals in lower stage crates. This is a very welcome addition.

I've also noticed an increased interest in my squad members. A few months ago some would disappear for a couple days and come back to upgrade or attack in a squad war. Many are now online many times a day, actively conversing and upgrading.

Yes I have a personal wish list of changes I would like to see. That said, I am pleased with the direction and engaged in the game again on both devices.
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Re: Zynga SWC Game Improvements - Good or Bad - Discussion Topic

Post#8 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:06 pm

I like the increased events. I think customer service is getting better, but it still seems disconnected from developers and over"scripted".

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Re: Zynga SWC Game Improvements - Good or Bad - Discussion Topic

Post#9 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:15 pm

The best thing is the change in event score requirement. It let HQ level10/11 able to participate in the events, which is a effective way to keep the old players. Maybe Zynga is not perfect, but at least it is much better than the Disney.

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Re: Zynga SWC Game Improvements - Good or Bad - Discussion Topic

Post#10 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:09 am

SWC is a big ship, if Natural Motion is able to turn it away from Scylla and Charybdis it will take some time.
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