Remove remove troops or fix error..

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Remove remove troops or fix error..

Post#1 » Sat May 11, 2019 7:39 am

As well as auto lose when max troops in SqC is surpassed.. I cant express how frustrating it is to lose medals, build time and rss due to shotty CODE allowing commanders to initiate Pvp matchmaking then snatching the rug out from under them due to the CODES own negligence.
I havent figured out how to allow more than 42 troops in my SqC. I havent figure out how to put even 1 troop in my SqC. Why then do I get punished when this happens? (Yes I said punished. Thats how it feels) regardless. Now why would developers offer a function that is substandard with "troop removal" that can create such a debacle.. I've lost quite a few matches in the opening 10 sec due to the code thinking the troops removed then added while other troops were frozen in que weren't sufficient. Yes troops chosen that I won ie samples or spent my rss on.
When you remove troops while your transports are full & Query is holding with the timer a 0 you need to delete a troop to have them load to your transport or your que will stay frozen at 0.
Not sure why this is and why its "illegal" to pull from your HQ(samples) or Select new troops in a different structure then expedite(use gems) while the CODE has the other troops frozen.. I'm trying my best to explain my issue with this.
In short,, 1 Being offered an option then being delayed or denied due to the confusion of the option..
2 Losing an attack because no fault of your own.
Kicker is no replay is given so we cant even call on support to investigate this issue on a personal basis. So I'll attempt to us this platform to let these issues be known.
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Re: Remove remove troops or fix error..

Post#2 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:42 am

The remove troop 0s bug is weird. I will do the trick where I add a scout to the queue and remove it, and sometimes the next *two* units in line will go into my transports instantly. I did have an error/loss a week ago during the Tatooine conflict, it may have been after futzing with my load out. I don't remember. All I can say is that it was on a revenge attack, and I was pissed, lol. The guy did attack me again a few days later, I got him back for three stars, and got no gears (still worth it, lol).

In our squad, we always reload the game before war attacks if we've used the remove troops function. I love the capability, but it needs work.

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