Zynga Just Isn't Listening

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Re: Zynga Just Isn't Listening

Post#31 » Sun May 05, 2019 9:31 am

Chaotic999 wrote:I can attack dev bases 1065 gears on greens with 7 ITT 6 jumps 2 shocks 1 eatat every 7 mins 30 seconds, all I wait for is eatat (5 mins) so reducing mech times is pointless to me.
If I go to tat or kit I cook 18 jumps wait a thousand years for jumps to cook so again reducing mech cook times is pointless. Only player it helps is low lvl noobs, old high lvls do not benefit from reduced cook times on factory crap. Zynga cant grasp this as like Disney they do not play the fucking game for hundreds of hours grinding in conflicts, they have zero sense of how the game works in hard core grinding play, they only tweak shit for nooby players.
some chat from my squad earlier below.

I understand how it's annoying; I had to change up what I was making to balance it out. More TX and less ITT. I think it's a positive though, because it encourages people to use their factories where they might be less utilized before. Encouraging more diversity is never a bad thing.
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Re: Zynga Just Isn't Listening

Post#32 » Sun May 05, 2019 10:43 am

I have a barracks and one of three factories upgrading. This boost has been awesome, i can cook six tanks faster than my infantry (and lvl 8 gamo).

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