Poll: Will Zynga close down SWC after Episode IX?

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Poll: Do you believe that Zynga will close down SWC after the Episode IX revenue boost dies down?

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Re: Poll: Will Zynga close down SWC after Episode IX?

Post#21 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:01 am

Ghostie wrote:
GlockShanty wrote:So in this post here I stated that I believe that Zynga have taken on SWC only to extract as much cash as possible out of the Episode IX hype and then shut the game down on, or before, the 6th anniversary of the game in August 2020.

I'd like to get this prediction out there now and say that I honestly believe that this will happen, and also poll the forum and see who else feels the same way.

I sure hope it stays open... I have too much time invested...lol

I think after 6 years we all know what this game is and I wish all the belly aching posts would stop...but of course they won't.

Sure do hate to see all the people quitting (except rebs....lol ...kidding...maybe?) and I would just say to some of those people find the part of the game you enjoy and engage in it....several good options.

A.) Social: Enjoy the bonds you have with squad mates and friends you have met along the way.

B.) If your not into the frag chase then focus on wars and becoming the best you can be.

C.) If your into frag chasing load up with air and high level skins and hunt down the biggest baddest bases you can find.

D.) Do all the above.

I still enjoy playing and will continue to make the most of it until the very end. :D

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