Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#11 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:28 pm

Rangers, well said. I started this game early 2016. So in the grand scheme I'm sure I'm fairly new. But still I have countess hours involved. But endeavor to persevere...or just roll over and die. I asked a simple question on how/why CoolGuy's squad surrendered so many medals. I didn't realize Disney was at fault, but it comes as no surprise. I didn't mean to get caught up in a conspiracy of name calling and hurling insults. But as long as the sun comes up tomorrow, I'll have a rib-eye steak on the grill and a bourbon in hand. I enjoy this game but if it goes under, I'm not jumping off of a bridge. What say you?

And if it seems I made this about me again...I do apologize.


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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#12 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:38 pm

Wow, the medal fiasco is one for the ages...and I have seen alot of bullshit in my time playing SWC. Lost 2 near max bases when Windows shutdown....along with all my medals and all my frags...know how you guys feel. Spent the past year grinding frags and base upgrades at a very unhealthy level just to get back what I much work and time.

Customer support always puts the ball in the devs court when these major blunders happen and most of the time they tell you to pound sand. So much incompetence from the dev team in this game over the years blunder after makes me wonder if this game has any oversight at all. Marketing is pathetic as well sooooo many missed opportunities Black Friday Christmas Crystal Santa hat skin for Vader or reindeer anteler skin for Luke.....etc...etc....plug in any holiday or sense of marketing/sales. Take all those shortcomings and throw in constant recycled content ...jumps/jump skins....snipers/sniper skins.....atst/atst skins gets a little boring and redundant.

I don't have much fun playing anymore but still do so a couple hours a day. Usually, just do some heroic defenses, make sure I keep the droids building, and hit max bases with max air :D .....its really the only true satisfaction I get from this game anymore....then after almost every attack I have to wait an hour to get enough air to attack again. In short the game needs a drastic turnaround or I don't think we make it to Summer, but I am rooting for Zynga cause God knows I have an insane amount of time invested in this shit show....if not maybe I'll take up Farmville ...can you Kessen snipe in Farmville? :D

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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#13 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:41 pm

luke50 wrote:Add the loss of the Amazon Fire tablet players. 5 of our core 15 in our squad will most likely leave. We have another 10 players, but they are far less active. That said, the concerns over the game closing the doors has been going on for a while. There are probably enough players to keep it going, but I can see a significant short term hit.


Windows(gate) all over again...

RoguePossum wrote:"I have watched my leader and several other members lose 100k medals."

On purpose or lack of play time? My last squad dumped medals on purpose to gain easier opponents which I strongly disagreed with. Then I lost my account and restarted for the 3rd time (was windows refugee) Started a new squad "EventHorizon" I sip on bourbon and blow things up to disconnect from the real world.

Hope you find a happy place.


"Squad war squads population is trending up for some time now, let's demotivate the few left that actually play" supposedly some dev said... Medal(gate)

ForceMel wrote:As a player who lost over 140k medals, my motivation to play is at an all time low at the moment.

This most of all makes anyone still playing to consider simply walking away with what little pleasure they could gather from having stuck it out for this long. Very disappointing to say the least and the reported crystal compensation an insult to what some would call dedicated and active players. I had high hopes that new ownership would spark interest but instead it all appears to be a set up for a shutdown.
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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#14 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:03 pm

They have refused to return my 60,000 medals .... REFUSED ..... saying they can’t return them .... you can my £1000 easily enough.... DISGUSTED is an understatement seriously ..... what a shamboliic appalling set up. 3 bases ... £1000’s spent and a PALTRY £20 in crystals offered as compensation .... INSULTING

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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#15 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:57 pm

I have now severed all my ties with this game as a result of the medal debacle. Good riddance I say!

In my spare time I will now do things that improve my mental health, not harm it and would urge you all to do the same. Think about how much time you are wasting on this GAME. Life is out here for all of you. Go find it!

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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#16 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:51 am

CoolGuy wrote:With the group just having experienced one of the biggest cluster f***s in gaming history with the loss of medals for some, and then the insulting compensation, and a string of boring conflicts for near useless frags/upgrades, is this the final nail in the coffin for SWC?

As a long standing member of the RogueEwok squad I have watched my leader and several other members lose 100k medals. Now I didn't lose anything and I am currently sitting on about 140k medals. However the loss of medals belonging to my leader and teammates, and the loss of medals of other longstanding good members in this forum has really left me discouraged.

If I am lacking motivation to play, then how are others who have lost medals feeling? How many people are we going to lose from the game due to this cluster - 10%, 20%? Is this going to cripple the game to such an extent that it will never recover?

Probably not.
2 of my teammates have lost medals. 1 didn't care and went on to play as normal and was happy with his crystals.
The other was (after initial disappointment) happy to have lost his medals as he suddenly finds non rodian/burst farm bases on all planets and has found new enjoyment in the game. He's also happy with his new crystals.

Adding to that. People do realize the medals have depreciated immensely thanks to most people smashing devbases over and over and over?

Certainly there will be people who are understandably bummed out, but it's just a game which is just as barely playable as yesterday.
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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#17 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:25 am

I didnt lose any medals in this latest fiasco but feel for those who did. It seems unbelievable that Disney say they cannot put the medals back. My guess is that handover to Zynga is almost complete so they cant be bothered.
On the future of the game, I think it will be running for many years but maybe changes to the format? Zynga seem to specialise in games for mobiles that you can pick up and play. They prefer payment to themselves rather than via Google etc, and lots of adverts.
Time will tell. :mrgreen:
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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#18 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:30 am

LOL This game is broken is so many ways and out of all of the reasons to leave, medals is probably not going to be the "Final Nail In The Coffin".

I am not really sure why medals are important anyways, maybe someone could let me know.

As far as I can tell 140,000 medals represents about 3-5000 3 star attack wins or defensive wins, (which are already represented in the player level).

Attack/defense is BROKEN to the point where it is VERY difficult (almost impossible) to get 3 star wins in PVP, so most of those medals come from DEV base attack wins or defensive wins so I am guessing that people are not collecting medals for bragging rights, because who wants to brag about crushing DEV bases or exploiting the fact that the game is broken and getting medals through defensive wins which are so easy?

Given that in the past two months, I have been getting around 800-1000 medals per day in defensive wins, 140,000 medals represents about 140 days of sitting around and doing nothing. (That's a little over 20 defensive wins per day, with not a single 3 star loss in two months...)

If I were to leave this game it would be because:
1. Attack vs Defense is unbalanced to the point where it is almost impossible to get 3 star wins against players (especially at higher medal counts) and even if you are really skilled and you can get 3 star wins vs players, you need full air support, dekkas, SC, etc so it take 2-3 hours to prepare for the attacks and at that point it's hard to get one UC conflict win let alone reaching the goal of getting 6 UC wins per conflict. You need to attack mostly DEV bases to get lots of UCs in conflicts. (This problem with the game is one of the main reasons that we see so many people 'sandbagging' medals or base scores, so that they can fight against opponents that the can actually beat.)
2. This game requires far too much time! I would really like to be able to log on for less than an hour a day and have fun and do well, like I can in other games that I play but:
a) There are so many frags to get... the best way to get them is to grind to get UCs in conflicts, ideally 6 UCs per conflict, but this requires something like 8+ hours per day of grinding... it's like a full time job!!!
b) There is so much to research to do! My prestige base has been around for almost three years and I barley have anything maxed out as far as collecting frags goes and I have such a backlog of research to do that it will take another 5+ years to clear out my research queue. And they keep adding more to research!
c) When they release new gear, the max level you can get it to initially is around level 4-6 and then you have to wait for a year or more for the conflict to rotate back in and then you can grind for another level or two so it takes years to get new gear to level 10!
3. There hasn't been an interesting or even moderately useful new unit (and thus conflict) in so long... All of the new units and gear has been pretty boring and none of it sees regular use in players everyday deployments. Jets/Jumps have been king ever since they came out... when are we going to see a new unit or skin that causes players to actually change their load-out/strategy and shake things up a bit? Change helps keep things interesting!
4. There is some much more that is wrong with the game...

Out of all of the current problems with the game, medal counts are somewhere near the bottom of my list of things for them to fix!

Anyways, it looks like the two month vacation due to lame conflicts will continue for a third and I will see what the new year brings. Hopefully the new owners make some drastic changes for the better!

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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#19 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:48 am

To answer the original post, it won't be the final nail in the coffin. This game has screwed over its players so many times in so many ways, but people are still here paying and playing. They could do near-atrocities to its players and they'd keep playing.

One thing many of us are saying is how much time we have invested in the game. That's true, but I'd submit this for consideration:

The amount of time invested in a game in the past should have zero incentive for playing that game in the present.

Of course, you may disagree with me. But a game, especially a freemium game where the developers can change anything at any time, is about having fun in the present. If it's not fun, leave it. We should feel no fealty or obligation to continue a _game_ because it was fun in the past and we put a lot of hours into it. Many of us put a lot of hours into school or other jobs. But when school or those jobs ran their course, we moved on. Same thing here.

If you invested a lot of hours in the game, give thanks for the fun (assuming you invested time because it was fun). If you invested time that wasn't fun, recognize it was a waste and now, for the love of your own soul and health, stop playing it! There are way too many fun games and people and experiences out there to lose out trying to grind for rancor fragments!

If the game is still fun, play. If it's not, move on. But don't let the past dictate your present or future.
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Re: Final Nail In The Coffin For SWC?

Post#20 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:00 am

I’ve been playing since the beginning, and I find the different motivations for playing remarkable. I have always found medals to be a weight around my neck (so to speak) - I don’t purposely shed them, but I do abort attacks to avoid collecting them unnecessarily when I’ve achieved the attack goal. I would have jumped at the chance to trade my current 120k for 4000 crystals. I have purposely abandoned two maxed out Imp bases for the enjoyment of building a new base. I guess the bottom line is I play for fun; it is a game. The final nail for me will be when it is no longer fun to play. The current dominance of defense over offense is threatening that fun, but the one constant in SWC has been that nothing stays the same. I council patience.

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