Notice: New Customer Support E-Mail For SWC

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Re: Notice: New Customer Support E-Mail For SWC

Post#11 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:22 am

mkenobi wrote:Black Diamond Casino? Zynga must have given up and sent the SWC Support back to the Mouse when they realized that we're a pain in the ass ready to turn their lives into a hell with a zillion of tickets every day complaining about everything in the game...

Or they are trying to say "Click here and play a good Casino game instead of keep complaining about a broken Star Wars game no one cares..."

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Re: Notice: New Customer Support E-Mail For SWC

Post#12 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:09 pm

NOTICE: Zygna Player Support For SWC Is Now Active

⇨ NEW SWC HELP LINK: ... nder/?l=en

Tamarack wrote:I used the link to the help page and posted a help request. Basically complaining that my android tablet would not get chat notifications. It went through..

I received this:

Zynga Support
January 07, 2019, 16:47 -0700
Help is on the way!

While we're reviewing your ticket…

If you are having trouble accessing or loading the game, please visit our support site, select your game and check out our Technical Help FAQ.

For purchase inquiries, select your game on the support site and check out our Billing FAQ.

To make sure our emails reach you:

· Add to your address book or Safe Senders list.
· Reset your SPAM filters
· Check your SPAM/Junk folder in your email

Thank you,
Zynga Player Support

Just keeping everyone informed.

paxonator wrote:suhweet! message sent!

I have had an ongoing issue since November 29th with "medal gate". I am sure you are hearing about players who have lost significant amount of Medals during that Day. I went from my max amount of 160K to 16k. almost like it lost a Zero. I have significant amount of documentation to support my claim. I am very disheartened by Disney's response to this significant and wide spread issue. I have suspended my in game purchases to Disney as a result. I hope to re-initiate spending once Zynga resolves this injustice.

Upon request, I can send years of screen shots showing my progress as well as the files and emails I send Disney.(all to no avail)
I have 4 accounts I play under, however the one in question is
Screen Name: Paxonator
I hope to start this new relationship better than the way I have ended the one with Disney.

Please advise soonest.
concerned, yet hopeful

Hooray!!!! My response feom Zynga!!!!

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the patience and reporting this with us. Nothing to worry, we've received similar reports about this, and the team is now working on a fix that will be applied on a future update. We appreciate your patience.

Zynga Player Support

ALL SWC PLAYERS should now send Zygna their Game Suggestions, Issues, and other Communication.

AND SO... The Transition to Zygna Continues...
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