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Post#661 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:13 am

DeathStriker wrote:MY PRESTIGE STATUS (Final Report):

:arrow: Well, while I will finish my Prestige Level Building Final Upgrade Order as I posted here, the result of the 1 MILLION CRYSTALS from todays Game Update will mean completing Steps 3 through 9 a breeze as the time needed to complete further Upgrades is now moot.

Medal Cap Increase

When I complete All Remaining Upgrades my Medal Cap will increased from 167,200 to 168,000.

My Final Thoughts...

SADLY, those whom were handed Prestige Level on a Ultra Chrome Platter won't know the struggles, time commitment, and sense of accomplishment from doing it the hard way.

I hope my Posts in this Topic helped someone before this last Update...

It was always fun to read your progression DS. Mine went along similar lines till the update yesterday. :)
Even yesterday I was determined to keep on fighting until The End...
Right now I wonder if I can still bother... I have vowed to do one more war with one of our affiliated squads, RedNine as I have some friends there. To my home squad yesterdays' affront to longtime players seems to have been the final straw ... mass defections...

Sad but true
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