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Re: Star Wars Commander Discord Chat

Post#11 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:26 pm

I have a little experience of both, but LINE is the app I use for SWC and for my Guild on SWGoH.

For me, the bottom line for SWC is that LINE is where the vast majority of players are, and the resources (eg Kessen, HD and the like).

LINE is also easy to use, as it resembles other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp.

In SWGoH, I have the impression, Discord is dominant. But I haven't found much of a community there for either game.

I'm on the Discord chat for the UCL tracker, and rRr has done a fantastic job setting it up, but I do find Discord harder to use. It's not just that it's unfamiliar, it's just not well laid out.

However, once you get the hang of Discord, I can see that the possibilities for better interaction are there. The multiple channels is a great feature for example. The ability to set different permissions for different user levels is potentially a huge plus. But, it's an extra layer of detail and administration that most squads / squad leaders don't need.

What you wand from these apps is:
- The ability to contact each other outside the game
- the ability to share info and screen recordings without what your sharing disappearing because a hot topic is being discussed
- The ability to invite people quickly and easily to the chat group.

And ideally, a large community of like minded people.

For this game LINE has that, Discord does not.

Don't get me wrong, Discord does seem to be the more powerful platform, but the extra features that give it that power, aren't needed for most players or app users.
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Current SWC Discord?

Post#12 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:55 pm

Current SWC Discord?

Does such a thing exist? If so, could someone please post an invite. Thanks :D
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