Guard Reserve Discussion (leave snipers at the door)

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Re: Guard Reserve Discussion (leave snipers at the door)

Post#11 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:06 am

About a week ago, I scrolled through the player standings on all six planets, and where it worked I sorted by faction (it doesn't always sort for rebels). I compiled on a spreadsheet all the attack wins and defensive wins for each faction on each planet. I recorded this to make it easier, and uploaded the video to youtube. Watch at your own risk, it's boring as fuck.

I can't say I didn't have a typo here or there, but here are the stats per planet.

Imps: 48
Average attack wins: 20,631
Average defense wins: 2439

Rebs: 2
Average attack wins: 15697
Average defense wins: 1429

Imps: 28
Average attack wins: 22,476
Average defense wins: 938

Rebs: 22
Average attack wins: 16197
Average defense wins: 3002


Imps: 40
Average attack wins: 18109
Average defense wins: 1079

Rebs: 10
Average attack wins: 16498
Average defense wins: 3817


Imps: 40
Average attack wins: 20,757
Average defense wins: 954

Rebs: 10
Average attack wins: 18137
Average defense wins: 3203

Imps: 22
Average attack wins: 20,075
Average defense wins: 990

Rebs: 28
Average attack wins: 17002
Average defense wins: 4012

Imps: 39
Average attack wins: 27119
Average defense wins: 1062

Rebs: 11
Average attack wins: 19220
Average defense wins: 3427

Average for 217 imps
Average attack wins: 21,537
Average defense wins: 1326

Average for 83 rebels
Average attack wins: 17127
Average defense wins: 3484

The 'top imps' have 25.7% more attack wins than the 'top rebs', while the rebs have 2.63X more defensive wins. These aren't the top 300 players, just the top 50 on each planet, but the stats gives a good picture of what is happening at the top. Because imps who go for defensive wins are sitting on Tatooine, it may be better to compare the rebels defensive stats just to the imps on Tatooine stats: this give the rebels with 42.8% more defensive wins than the imps (this is close to the overall stats on ksod).

Other notable things:

The top rebel had 18064 defensive wins (we all know who it is). This is probably the most anyone has, but there could be players with a ton of wins out there that don't show up on the top medals list.

The top imp had 6640 defensive wins.

Carnage, who moved over from Windows ~13 months ago and is a rebel, had 7252 defensive wins. That's more than any single imp on the list. Somehow, I don't think he needs sniper or hailfire GR to be competitive, lol.

Two imps had more than 6000 defensive wins; 8 rebels were above 6000 wins.

I'll also say there were a lot of imps with surprisingly low win totals. I'm not sure how you get over 20K attack wins and have less than 300 defensive wins when you clearly have had a maxed out base for a while. Maybe they run unprotected HQ bases? Or some are running clickers (I'm sure there are a ton of players out there using clickers)? I don't know, but scroll through any planet other than Tat, and you'll see them.
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Re: Guard Reserve Discussion (leave snipers at the door)

Post#12 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:51 pm

I think this is really funny because I was farming CB on Tat during the conflict. I’ll take credit as the reason for rebels having less defensive wins on Tat. Thank you.

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Re: Guard Reserve Discussion (leave snipers at the door)

Post#13 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:25 am

I'm happy to see a normal lvl headed discussion. :)
Xinix wrote:Just some personal observations (lvl10):
- a base with full GR is easier to hundie than a base with a bit of GR + turret buffs
- not getting 100% by default is healthy for the game
- death march is stupid and should be eliminated

For attack:
- handling SC Jets/Togs is crucial: kill with Kessen or trigger&bait with Vader are only options ... fail = faceplant
- as a result: AT-ACT is great against dev bases (EZ no SC) but too weak against real bases (can't use it, unless SC turns out to be empty)
- you need to bring a generous mix of heal+strike air to clear a big base : get greedy and go in unprepared is a good recipe for failure/1 star only

I agree with this.

In general the role of GR is to slow down enemy units so your damage dealers (usually turrets) can..ermm deal the damage.

VRB wrote:Funny thing is some years ago they fixed the troop wall issue troops would walk around walls stumps or move to the closest opening instead of the mindless shooting at them. Unfortunately that was short lived some 3/4 months later after a update it was just gone back to the same old lame must kill this wall piece while i get shot in the face crap. Your post is spot on the AI in this game have always been horrible and fixing it is a game changers. People who dismiss this issue as minimal have not been playing this game for years and seen the downward spiral that is this game.

I didn't know they fixed it at some point. I was on windows back then and we never got updates.

DarkRebel wrote:I used to hate stupid units, bad AI, when I first played the game.
Not any more.

If all the units were all smart and doing everything by themselves, then where does the "player" come in ? So a player simply macro-load his troop and dump units on the map and automatically win a battle ?

What's next ? troops run away from snipers or hide behind buildings when being shot at ? eATAT would take out rockets on its way to the shield within its 10 tile range radius, or take a step back when a rocket about to fire ? Jumps/jets automatically scatter when a sonic is about to unload ?

Rather than blaming the bad AI, we should try to learn each unit's AI, strength and weakness so that we deploy them properly, and build a diverse load so that troops can support each other. Things like clearing a path, screening, are all part of the deployment skills that a player need to learn. On defense, study the opponent unit AI and design your base to exploit them.

Game becomes much easier the more you understand how each unit works.

There is a middle ground between unit is deadset on killing wallstump while everything else kills it and units attack base using complex flanking tactics without player input.
It's probably in the games best interest to make sure it reaches that middle ground. Especially as the situation changes.

Plagueis wrote:I think guard reserve equipment regardless of faction is equally effective. It just depends on how they’re applied. Currently, imps do have the advantage when it comes to damaging enemy units with guard reserve. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best strategy and will work effectively in all scenarios. A safer strategy is to “flood” the battlefield with GR troops and use the attacking units’ weakness against themselves, that being their AI, range and RoF. A great example yet again, is Decepticon from _NAMELESS_. Fantastic defense that uses that “flood” defense to great success. I’ve asked his squadies and according to them, his tauntauns and GR are not maxed. A testament to how powerful this strategy can be, which also happens to he available to both factions and can even work to some degree against buffed jets. We all want to use the best tools available to us even if they’re actually only marginally better than other options and I think that’s why most imps do go the GR snipe/rodian route. Of course there’s a tradeoff with every choice and having your entire defense of four units lured away is a big one.

Well, then in him you have a perfect example. He is currently very hard to beat without maxed out GR. So how bad will his base be when he maxes it out?

I'm personally a little worried about the impact of the GR as it slowly lvls up. Even if it's not OP now, can it get to a point where it becomes OP?
Our own capacity doesn't grow, but the number of units slowing you down does.
Our strenght grows, but so does the lvl of the spawning units and the potential skins that have been applied.

Boog wrote:*snip*

Interesting. I was expecting that Rebels would start gravitating to Hoth soon and this appears to be correct. This is basically another sympton of the underlying imbalances.
"Invincible" imps start defense camping on the Desert planets and thus Rebels start leaving those planets behind, moving to the only planet where there they perceive a balance. (not to mention more unit variety which is dead everywhere else)

So for the people who think GR isn't OP, which units are you using that aren't jets or the TX and why aren't you using them?
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Re: Guard Reserve Discussion (leave snipers at the door)

Post#14 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:17 am

INT4 are insane on hoth. I use 1 kubaz, one shock, 6 jumps and 18 INT4's and the cw atmp. The INT4's rarely let me down. When I really want to go for it, I use 25 with only 3 jumps.

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