Nearly four years and getting bored

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Re: Nearly four years and getting bored

Post#21 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:42 am

Plagueis wrote:The big difference in the current loot structure is that you can’t really get the frags that you want and when you want them. Also, medal count doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “the best” by any stretch of the imagination and I feel like using medals to purchase desired content is something that everyone can use.

I also think there should be something for those players who compete to be the best. Maybe that can be player rank and those with higher ranks can get special empire or rebel “banners” that mark their bases as being “elite”. If you lose battles, that ranking could decrease, so players would strive to maintain their status. The number 1 spots (1 rebel & 1 imperial) would get something awesome, like maybe double the turrets to work with but would be unmatchable with all other players aside from those who have elite status. For the top imp, they become “grand admiral” and all base structures get a white motif befitting of a grand admiral. The top rebel becomes the top general of the rebel alliance which transforms all base structures into the best the rebellion has to offer from the planet Mon Calamari. These players would become prime targets to dethrone and would be attacked endlessly until they are dethroned and the mantle passes to someone else. Of course, any defensive wins the top players earn would very minimally increase their rank, so their title never becomes completely out of reach. I could see entire squads coming together to find ways to knock a top player out of their spot without driving up their rank. Also, my thought is attacking or defending against other “elite” players would increase your rank exponentially more than attacking or defending againt those who are not, creating an internal “tournament” structure for higher level players to compete with each other in. Star Wars is all about legends and something like this would create just that.

medal system IS the game official skill system.
It needs to represent player skills relative to each other.
Having a tournament is a really good idea to promote ranking and bragging rights.
As I said above, lacking of recognition is one of the 4 problems with the current medal system. Need to fix that.

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