Too Many False Cheating Reports

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Re: Too Many False Cheating Reports

Post#41 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:40 pm

Spirit wrote:
Jayjack wrote:Don't jump on Party Like Vader when he's just posting some information while some of you open your wallets big time to unlock troops. Who cares if he is sand bagging. Is that really a flaw?

Is it a flaw you spend $1000s of dollar to get maxed togs the first day they came out. Give em a break man. Jeez.


Well, this completely falls on the opposite side of the coin.

No, there is no argument that can be made at all that paying to get a unit maxed is cheating. And it is the other person's money ... what they do with it is their business (the entire reason that whining about Contra sniping is stupid as hell, it generates revenue).

Whining about ANY generation of revenue in a freemium game that you enjoy playing is so ridiculous on its face that I don't get how it happens.

Anyone who wants to drop $1000 on level 10 togs, go for it, you earned it just as much as anyone else.
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