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When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#1 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:40 am

Deciding upon - when - to Upgrade your HQ to the Next Level is different for each Commander depending on their "Game Goals" and "other factors".

  • My Primary Account has been a Maxed HQ 10 for quite some time now as a result of playing on that account for 3.75 Years.

  • My Secondary Account, currently HQ 7 was created about 1 year after my Primary Account in a "Support Role" to feed Units to my Primary Account due to lack of Squad Members. Over time, I have continued to Upgrade slowly my Secondary Account to a point where it reached HQ 7 about 18 months ago.

    Since then, it has continued to act in its "Support Role" in both PvP and War as well as slowly move to becoming another "Main Account". All my actions on my Secondary Account have resulted in my nearly Maxing out (to Level 7+) everything I can - and I mean nearly everything - Structures, Units, Armory Equipment - to a point where there is little left to upgrade to next Level without proceeding to HQ 8.

    THE RECENT CHANGE IN PvP MATCHMAKING was the final straw. Before, my Secondary (HQ 7) Account was able to 3-Star Level 6 Developer Bases (which I saw mostly on Tatooine) using the Level 7 Units available to me. The recent change, however, resulted in now my Secondary (HQ 7) Account seeing mostly Level 9 and Level 10 "live Players Bases" and "Developer Bases", and now my Secondary Account has a hard time getting 2-Star "Wins". This has dramatically increased the time needed to get the EP Requirement for SWC Events, especially the 720 EP needed for Elite Crates (which would take 11 two-star Attacks).

    AND SO...

    1. With nearly everything currently maxed at Level 7 + (see Image Album), coupled with...
    2. The change in PvP Matchmaking (described above), and...
    3. The fact that Upgrading to HQ 8 WILL NOT change my SWC Event EP Requirements, and...
    4. The fact that Upgrading to HQ 8 WILL enable me to Unlock Jetpack Troopers, and...
    5. With the introduction of the Rebel U-Wing Armory Equipment expected in a little over a week, these all combined resulted in that...
    I FINALLY DECIDED... that now was the time to Upgrade my Secondary Account to HQ 8 where it will switch from a "Support Role" to becoming another "Main Base" (which of course could still perform support if needed).

  • My Third Account (a little over 1 year old), currently HQ 4, now being Upgraded to HQ 5, was created to act as a "Caretaker" / "Squad Leader" for Death_Striker Squad, thus freeing up my Primary / Secondary Accounts to be able to visit "other" Squads.

    As a result of that Account's current Medal Count (12000+), it is seeing now mostly Matches with HQ 6 in PvP. And so... this combined with Upgrading to HQ 5 WILL NOT change my SWC Event EP Requirements for my Third Account, I decided to upgrade my Third Account in sync with my Secondary Account.

    Since this Account is not used much, other than for Squad Administrative Actions, and to have "Fun", it will be a very long time before I upgrade the HQ to Level 6, provided of course SWC is still going and I am still playing.
Post below your comments about Upgrading the HQ to the Next Level, both Pro and Con, along with any "advice" you might want to share...
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Re: When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#2 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:09 am

Main account is nearly done, just credit markets and barracks to do. Rapid change interrupted that. Gave up trying to upgrade both dekas, lack of contra and time.

My level 8 is nearly maxed, just contra trade points. Not upgrading to level 9, until deka is level 24(I think), even then I might not bother. Knowing the lack of loot is putting me off, once was enough.
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Re: When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#3 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:31 am

I'm upgrading to nine when all my armory equipment is upgraded to 8 (except mortar and rocket buffs, which I don't see using ever) and when I hit my medal cap. I need 10 more frags to get the int4 to 8, then I'm done with the current armory equipment, and about 13.6 K medals.

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Re: When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#4 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:43 am

Great post DS. My second account is maxed at level 7, just some turrets in the armoury to get to level 7 and a load of troops.... I've been umming and arrrrring for ages.... I too only get maxed bases and maxed dev bases with him.. it's savage!

For level 8 you get Vader, jumps and Twerks... not a bad combo, but conversely the crates will be a lot less easy to aquire... (26 donate/recieve is beyond amazing!!!)

May do the same this weekend... just a feeder base, but a feeder base with 17k medals and a lot of love... perhaps now is the time....
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Re: When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#5 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:01 pm

Death Striker and I have similar experiences. I also started in the very beginning of the SWC but on Windows. And I ate the devil's bread on Windows until Disney pull the plug, and nothing can be worse than play this game on Windows... I already had a Rebel base on Android, but only bases created after the Windows game closing announcement on May 2017 were able to get the crystals compensation. I started my Imperial Base on Android and got the crystals, and now, one year later, my Imperial base is maxed out, reaching HQ 10 in less than a week.

I started my 1st Rebel Base on Android during the Windows bug known as "The Groundhog Day" on August 2016 (any Windows player remember that?), and everything I did wrong in my Imperial Windows acc I did different for my Rebel Android acc. I played for the Armory, I lost all attacks to drop medals and get only the loot to pay the upgrades, and max out my base, all my attack and all my defenses, and then upgrade HQ, and do everything again. WIth a strong defense and top north layout I won all Bronzium Crates and built a well upgraded Armory -- what I didn't have on Windows. Only when I did not have anything else to upgrade at Level 8, I started upgrading HQ to Level 9. I'm going to HQ 10 only to build and donate level 10 troops to my both HQ 8 accounts. Game is unplayable at high levels.

When I started my 2nd Rebel Base, my intention was build troops to donate to my 1st base. First bikes and tanks, until it reaches HQ 5 and max out everything to Level 5, then I rushed its HQ from 6 to 8 only to donate Jets for my 1st base. At Level 8, I had a sandbagging base being matched with lower rivals. But sandbagging bases don't work if your number of medals is too high, and suddenly I started to be matched with Level 9 rivals. I started to upgrade everything else to Level 8. Now this base is near to be maxed out. Just need a few turrets and resources generators to level 8. But the current matchmaking system has made impossible play with this acc due to my high number of medals and Level 10 rivals to attack with Level 8 troops.

But i needed perks to relocate and do HDs and I needed to play Wars to get resources and Elite Units, then I started my 3rd Rebel Base to keep my Squad alive while I was out joining a level 50 squad and playing wars with my other two acc. While I was reading about mini bases here, I decided to do an experiment and built my 3rd Rebel Base as a mini base. It grew up alone, and fast while attacking rivals 2 levels below, and got all dedication as possible when I saw how game was working much better with a mini than with my other highest bases.

It's possible keep winning HDs with a mini base at level 6 and 7 if you have a top north layout, some GR, high Level troops in your SC, and use heroes and some air, and it did well until reach HQ 8, then I gave up of HDs. I keep my 6 turrets at Level 1, and no traps, but going to max out walls and shields among a few last buildings to upgrade, and trying to max out all my Elite Units and upgrade my Armory equip one or two levels playing events, before start upgrading HQ to 9.

Due to all stupid changes in the matchmaking, have a mini along with my highest accounts, is the only way to have fun in the game now. That's all, this post resumes all my experience with SWC since the beginning, almost 4 years ago. ;)
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Re: When You Know It Is Time To Upgrade HQ - Discussion Topic

Post#6 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:42 am

September 30, 2014 - That's when I upgraded my HQ from level 2 to 3 according to my Google Play achievement page. A very significant amount of time later, that base is maxxed out except for dekas and pathfinders. I started a mini base to support my main base and to have fun with L10 troops in a low level SC. At each HQ upgrade for the mini, I made sure my turrets were at the same level as HQ, walls were all at least 1 level below if not equal to HQ level and did not buy traps as they became available. I also kept trap upgrades to a minimum with the few I do have. Matchmaking has since been adjusted so I see more attacks from L9 and L10 than equal or lower bases therefore I need to upgrade defenses. As to the current state of the game, I would have stopped at level 5 for the fun aspect of my mini base. I'm not saying the game isn't fun after L5, it's just that in order to stay competitive, you will need to invest the time for armory upgrades and all that goes with it.
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