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Re: New units

Post#31 » Fri May 25, 2018 5:21 am

bob1084 wrote:The reason why desert planets favor rebels is due to the heroes that imps have to use on them to have any real success: Vader or kessen. Not the best options when relying on our jumps and not expecting to have to spam t-5s to keep them up.

That's one of the reasons I don't overly like to be on desert planets with my main Imperial base because there I do not have a very strong buffed hero unit like on the forest-planets (AT-ACT) and Hoth (Cold Weather AT-MP Mark III).

That said, what do you think Rebels use on any planet ? I for one almost exclusively use Kessen - buffed rebel hero units on the green planets and Hoth IMHO don't come close to buffed IMP heroes and there is also no buff for any Rebel Hero on the sand planets.

Quick question: Not sure if Lord Vader also works on sand planets. Haven't bothered upgrading my Hero command to L8 for my Imp base yet (but have the skin).

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Re: New units

Post#32 » Fri May 25, 2018 5:26 am

Erfs- Lord Vader skin works on all on all planets. Rebels have a skin for chewie which can work on all planets. You can check this by going to the armory and clicking on Lord Vader's equipment.
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Re: New units

Post#33 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:22 pm

DarthBratzzznew wrote:
Plagueis wrote:I want to believe you guys but then I see players like Decepticon sitting on Hoth in second place with over 200 defensive wins. Keep in mind there are dev bases on Hoth as well, but even those are much stronger than in previous conflicts. It makes me wonder how many imps considered Decepticon from _nameless_ to be a more viable target than a dev base.

Agree with Plagueis; I was on Hoth for nearly the entire conflict and the choices were very limited; Either attack elite rank 2-31 rebel bases (Decepticon, Carnage, Trimix Cavediver, EKTA KiMe, etc) or broke max L10 dev bases.
I did a few attacks and was attacked by a few tough players, but it certainly wasn't easy going. I made it to about Obsidian 4%. Had some 30 attacking wins and 5 defensive wins over 6 days.

@OP: why oh why would this conflict be so much easier for imps than for rebels?

Necro, but I just beat Trimix (73%) with no flag. Would have three starred with flag and/or more ships.
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Re: New units

Post#34 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:18 pm

darthdoodie wrote:
I really do wonder about Decepticon, as he gets ~ 200 Ds every conflict. Imps of Hoth must recognise that base by now. Anyone on here attacked him?

I can testify with been playing since about 2 months after the release, now having a prestige, capped medal base with L8 jumps, Mark III skin, mhc skin, and dewback skin and right at 20k wins, I have studied Decepticon's base, even figured out where quite a few traps are.
I have attacked him with every possible combination of troops I felt would be effective from every angle he can be attacked from and out of a possible 2 dozen times I have "tried", I have only beaten him 4 times. Just over 50% twice. One was a 1 star, one was a 2 star. The other 2 attacks were cheap shots at about 30% when there was a conflict and I didn't want to lose points so I hit his hq with 3 brute tie fighters..(That's right, I said it and I did Anything but my normal attack strategy.
That being said, his layout from the traps, turrets, shields, sc, barracks, factory and choice and level of reserves and sc troops is by far one of the tighest, protected, and most inpenatratable bases in the game. He might not have the best or even top ten most solid bases in the game, but he is in my personal top 5 hardest bases to beat.
I believe also that he gets way more lesser experienced players attacking him because in my eyes, his layout looks totally doable until you drop all your troops and then in less than 45 seconds you are looking at a plethora of taun tauns and sharpshooters and you realize that NOTHING you just dropped is breathing anymore and all you can do is scratch your head and wonder if the game just glitched, did you take one too many puffs, or did that REALLY happen...hahaha!
Mad respect to Decepticon for his layout because his base TRULY transforms into a bad mistake as soon as you drop the 1st troop..=)
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Re: New units

Post#35 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:41 pm

I've attacked him three times, and one starred him once and two starred him twice. I also hundo'd Spanishdad once, and have beaten a few other of those bases. The key for me at least is to get the shields down asap and then take out the hailfires with strikers. If you do that, you can beat the base. If you let the hailfires live, they will nuke anything you lay down in a heartbeat.

With deception, it is not that hard. I drop tie interceptors on the walls, then get the shields with kubaz. Then I try to get all the hails, but it can be hard because with six in the SC, those fuckers spawn all over the place. Next, I drop an int4 in a distant corner to bait all the gr crap and any surviving hails. Then, I drop Lord Vader in the West corner, drop shox, drop a couple mhc's, run a half dozen int4's into the base, drop the flag, drop the phone, and thirty seconds later the battle is over and I have two stars and 75%, lol.

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Re: New units

Post#36 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 11:21 pm

For Decepticon. Kubaz the three shields that you can, tie advanced the other.
Rep droid in the northern corner as it wont move.
4 tie fighters to take out the barracks.
Last space is for tie striker to drop on all the junk that came out.
Mop up the base using 6 smtt, 1 CW MHC. 3 rodians and whatever else you fancy. I use a few storms and shocks.
You have then 3 starred Decepticon. It goes to the wire with seconds to spare.

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