2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

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2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

Post#1 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:09 am

Well since Star Wars commander has its 5th Anniversary next year, i though of something: SW Commander themed LEGO sets! i already got few ideas (and some non commander set ideas for 2019):

1: Saponza's Headquarters-it would have the HQ design from the VERY beggining of the game (or just neutral/smuggler HQ)
Would feature 5 Minifigs:
-Saponza (duh)
-rebel troopers ( propably 2 )
-a protocol droid ( a rusty looking one, similar to Episode 1 C-3P0)
-Jennica (your NPC guide on the rebel side)

2: Rebel Turbo Tank (juggernaut) =( i remember that LEGO cant use the name juggernaut for some reason i dont remember what reason though)

Would Feature (at least) 9 Minifigs
-2 Rebel scout troopers (rebel pathfinders but scout is much simpler)
-2 Rebel vehicle pilots ( i dont know what they would look like but kinda similar to a normal rebel trooper but more pilot looking)
-3 Rebel troopers
-1 (or 2) Heavy Rebel troopers (which carry miniguns)
-2 Sand Troopers
-1 Phase 2 Dark trooper (optional)

In game the juggernaut has olny 1 weapon: the heavy double laser cannon, but i got ideas what we could also put on it
-Unique Retractable Stud loaded missile batteries (6 stud loaded shooters attached to each other in 2 rows (3 shooters each) that can be aimed up for a artillery effect (1 battery on each side of the tank as seen in the clone wars juggernaut)
-2 Double front medium laser cannons
-On the back of the juggernaut there would be a openable hangar that would have 2 speeder bikes in it
-1 Double Heavy laser cannon (rebel juggernaut's in game weapon that can be rotated in 360 degres and can be aimed slightly up)

Also the set would feature a Imperial Burst turret ( along side the 2 sand troopers and 1 phase trooper as mentioned before)

3: The Strix-Saponza's strix freighter
Would feature 5 Minifigs
-Johhar Kessen (the unlockable hero which also appear in the story missions!)
-2 Rebel Pilots (who look like normal Rebel troopers but are more suited for flying Freighters
-1 Protocol droid (rusty looking one, similar to Episode 1 C-3P0

The strix would feature:
-2 medium double laser cannons on the front
-Medium (or heavy) rotating laser turret on the top
-2 Spring loaded shooters
-some inside area for playing with the Minifigs

4: HWK-290- in game its a unlockable freighter which drops incediary bombs

Would feature 3 Minifigs
-Jennica (your Rebel NPC )
-1 Rebel Pilot (who looks like a normal Rebel trooper but is more suited for flying freighters)
-1 Rebel Sharptrooper ( a sniper Rebel)

The HWK would feature:
-1 Rotating medium turret between the cockpit and the engines (basically on the middle of the ship)
-4 Spring loaded shooters ( 2 on each wing)
-some medium laser cannons on the sides

now for a weird one..
5: Fang Starfighter: a mandalorian starfighter used by the rebels ( a unlockable starship which drops proton bombs)

It would feature 4 Minifigs:
-1 Rebel Starfighter pilot
-2 Mandalorian troopers! (they would look like Jango but have slightly whiter armor and no antena on their helmet)
-1 Heavy Mandalorian trooper! (he would be more similar to jango, slightly more bluish armor than normal mandalorian troopers, would have the antena on his helmet and olny use 1 heavy blaster)
(( Both mandalorian types would also have jetpacks))
ok, we never actually had mandalorians in lego sets (except Jango and Boba Fett of course) so i though it would be a cool idea to include them in this set

The Fang would feature:
-2 small laser cannons on the front
-1 proton torpedo launcher on the bottom (would fire a big projectile the same as the one used in the Umbaran Mobile Heavy cannon!)

Now for the imperial sets!

1: The imperial Mobile Heavy Cannon- Heavy walker (VERY similar to the Umbaran mobile heavy cannon)

Would feature 7 Minifigs
- Admiral Kosh ( Imperial NPC )
-General Veers (the guy who lead the attack on Hoth in episode 5)
-1 AT-AT pilot (however he would have a more standard armor)
-2 Stormtroopers OR 2 Shoretroopers
-1 Phase 2 Dark trooper
-1 Jump trooper

The MHC would feature:
-1 Heavy cannon which would fire the same projectile as the Umbaran MHC
-2 Cannons on the front
-On the back it would have like a little platform with a ladder and the door to the walker's cockpit

2: Veteran AT-ST (also known as AT-ST Mark 3)-Imperial Hero unit

Would feature 4 Minifigs
-2 Vehicle Pilots (same as in the MHC: looking like AT AT pilots but with a more storm trooper looking armor)
-1 Imperial Admiral
-1 Heavy stormtrooper (carries a minigun)

The AT-ST would feature:
-2 Stud loaded miniguns (very similar to the ones on ATM-6 but olny use 3 studs inteed of 6
-1 rotating small laser turret on the bottom of the cockpit

3: Imperial AT-MP- Unique imperial walker which was basically a moving missile battery

Would feature 6 Minifigs:
-2 Vehicle Pilots
-1 Shoretrooper
-2 Heavy Rebel troopers (which carry a minigun)
-1 Medical Droid (an Astromech droid)

The AT-MP Would feature:
-2 Stud loaded missile batteries (same as in the Rebel juggernaut/Turbo tank
-1 Stud loaded minigun on the belly of the walker (SAME as in the ATM-6)

And now for non Commander sets (actually just 1....)

-The Commando Shuttle- A slightly modified Clone Wars Republic Shuttle

Would feature 6 Minifigs:
-4 Republic commandos (i forgot their name but they are all unique and with diffrent color and MAYBE a diffrent weapon)
-1 Phase 1 Clone pilot
-1 Phase 1 Clone Advisor Hologram

The shuttle would have all the features as the normal one (+ Updated Design!) but have 1 unique feature:
Inside of the shuttle would be a small 2x2 platform on which would stand the Clone Advisor Hologram (which would make it look like he's actually projected on the platform!)

Well that's it, it took me a while to think of all of those sets! i'd like to hear your opinion on them!

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Re: 2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

Post#2 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:00 am

Cool. I like your idea.
I wish Disney pushed and supported this game to that level of marketing.
Sadly it seems they are too embarrassed by it (as they should be) as it’s often not mentioned in adds or press releases. :(

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Re: 2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

Post#3 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:50 pm

Interesting Ideas here, was always wondering why there were no Mandalorian units for the Imperial Side (Perhaps a new Mercenary you could hire in the Cantina) and a Duros or Bothan type Mercenary for the Rebels.

Edit: Whoops missed the part where you were talking about LEGO sets in real life, I was talking about in game units.
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Re: 2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

Post#4 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:59 am

Spock wrote:Cool. I like your idea.
I wish Disney pushed and supported this game to that level of marketing.
Sadly it seems they are too embarrassed by it (as they should be) as it’s often not mentioned in adds or press releases. :(

Sounds logical to me. ;)
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Re: 2019 5th Anniversary idea (Very long)

Post#5 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:40 am

I'd buy them in an instant!

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