Squad Rank - War Matchup Questions.

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Re: Squad Rank - War Matchup Questions.

Post#11 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:06 pm

I agree with Obi-Two (no relation). I remember that post from the dev, and it's certainly proven true for Kenobi's Command.

A while ago, Pirate started a thread seeking all sorts of data, including base score medals, etc. Various squads placed their data there. I did too. We had a match up that conclusively proved it was only about base score.

I do think matchmaking has changed since then. Matchmaking seems to be taking longer for everyone. I think that' s because they've tightened the parameters (drastically loosened in April this year). I regard this as a very good thing. I'd much rather wait for a fair war than be instantly matched to an un-winnable one.

Since the Squad Wars servers went down, and the OP Imp GR-gate issue we've lost several long serving commanders. We now have a lower total base score for our War Parties and we've had nothing but fair matches since September.

If you want to track War Party data again, I suggest you resurrect his thread.
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Re: Squad Rank - War Matchup Questions.

Post#12 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:10 am

War match up is good. 70% of our matches in last 2 months were competitve.
War ranking system (KSOD) is bad. Makes no sense (to me).
War data is good.
Tako outpost is too powerful.

That summed it up ... for me :)

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