Do You Like The New EP System?

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Poll: Do You Like The New EP System?

Yes - I am really excited about this new feature.
Somewhat - It is ok... but it could stand some improvement.
Maybe - I neither like it or dislike it.
Perhaps Not - I find it too difficult or time consuming.
No - It does not help the game at all.
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Re: Do You Like The New EP System?

Post#51 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:34 pm

Thanks for the info; good to know. It finally showed up about 5 posts up.

Per EP:
My opinion is... I like it. That said, it can be improved.

1. I shouldn't have to tell it to start research when I hit the EP required. That part is kind of lame. Just start the 2 hour timer when I get the EP.
2. Wait times for the objective period are a bit too much. There's only about 1.5 days slack which means you pretty much need to give it too much attention and then you lose sight of it being a casual game.

Per the bike:
I just earned the bike. I like it a lot just because I think it's cool. It's probably not worth the grinding you will put in to get it, though.

I haven't found it very useful on offense, though. It rushes to it's death on offense (after taking out a couple of targets).

I would like to be able to donate it for defense and use it for defense, but I'm guessing that it would be too powerful for defense. I really want to be able to donate it. As weak as it is on offense, it would be too perfect for defense. It can speed right through all objects and hit it's targets quickly without them being able to react.
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Re: Do You Like The New EP System?

Post#52 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:45 am

I have quite enjoyed the challenge but will not make it to the end as I have not gone on the grind.
Best part was getting £1m coins quite easily to go towards an upgrade.
I'm level 9 rebel so am faced with numerous guard reserve bases to skip in conflicts and PvP and being attacked numerous times means I'm normally under protection for a good few hours whenever I get to log on meaning I'm faced with:
do I stay under protection or
attack and lose protection
normally my decision is based on how much time I have to grind for shortfall in upgrades so being able to get EP points just by completing daily challenges and getting this bonus was good.
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