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Re: Use of Bots or Macros - Discussion Thread

Post#111 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:28 am

I dont see a problem with the base layout changer, or gsow. They both give you something you're normally not allowed or information and therefore advantage in the game, but it feels harmless.

Loadout makers... I don't think they're all that bad.... I wish they'd add these things to the game officially because it seems to me more effort than it's worth to get it and set it up..

Just my 2 cents

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Re: Use of Bots or Macros - Discussion Thread

Post#112 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:09 am

There are some areas where the game's user interface is deficient and annoying where it doesn't need to be. The base layout editor and perhaps the built-in loadout adjustment might fit in to those categories. If someone steps in and makes a tool that corrects an interface deficiency then more power to them. They are, in fact, features that should really be added to the mainstream game. Not cheating.

Then there are tools like GSOW and swcpy which are informational value-adds and which are read only (they don't send data back which alters game play). Again, not cheating.

Where I draw the line is where someone has a tool which either plays the game for you, or where it exploits a weakness of the game's client to server communications method to give you an advantage. Those are cheating.

I'm not 100% clear on whether the automatic loadout builder that is mentioned creates a loadout instantaneously for you or just makes the task of picking what to build slightly less painful. If the former, that's cheating; if the latter, an interface improvement that should be added to the game, not cheating.

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