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Re: Guard Reserve - How Best To Use - Discussion Thread

Post#151 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:02 am

wesman21 wrote:Downside of winning defenses however is that I get 3 or 4 wins before losing and therefore getting loads of my resources raided, so now if I am wanting to save up my resources I occasionally pull out my HQ from the middle of the base and put it out in the open hoping to get a defensive loss and earn some hours of protection.

If you tinker around with it a bit, at some stage you can often save most of the CB and half your alloy (don't care about credits). Sure, does not always work, but losing just a few kCB in a string of attacks (with 20+kCB on offer each time) is good for the lolz. Main trick is finding a way so at least one shield is still protecting it at the end, to prevent air siphoning off the pink goodies.

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