Poll: Which side is better: Rebels or Empire?

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Poll: Which side is better: Rebel or Empire?

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Re: Poll: Which side is better: Rebels or Empire?

Post#201 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:53 pm

You would think it was the empire right? Big vehicles,air strikes,the works,untill you realize that heal droids are much stronger than repair for a few crucial reasons,one being that you can have a wall of heavy tanky infantry but you can only reasonably have a few armored units rolling about,numerous times I’ve been wiped by a dude who screens his heroes with heavy infantry and medical droids and it’s an ez clap,meanwhile the only way I can overpower a base is to spam mercs and jet troopers with the hope that *MAYBE* they’ll break through,also who thought it would be amazing to give rebels armor on top of their insane infantry comp,I thought imperials were supposed to be masters of vehicle warfare but rebels can literally just get stolen variants of our stuff really long and drawn out rant I know but I honestly feel the rebels are the most powerful,I really think they should let us get the stolen heal droids event now and again,it’s only fair

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