Troops that are kinda useless

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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#31 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:47 am

OK, so this AM I went on a quest to rid my HQ of all useless units, like the 30 or so AT-TEs I had (which aren't terrible on defense but everyone requests jugs instead). Playing on windows can be BORING because of the CNFO on any planet except tat. On tat, as a L10 player with about 62K medals, I still run up against what my squad calls 'desert scrub', which are imps that don't know how to leave tat yet.

SO to fight the boredom of playing on windows as a rebel, I forced myself to attack with ONLY defensive units like AT-TE, sharpshooters, bikes, skiffs, and the like. The game was fun again! Granted, I was struggling to get 50% on L8 imps (just about all of my attack units are L10), but it was fun, and that's really the point of this game.

So, to add to this thread... take your least favorite unit (for me gotta be pathfinder since I have upgraded AT-RT), and do force yourself to attack with like half pathfinders then share with your squad and see if they can do better! Or stuff like that. If you have a pathfinder or wookie crate, you'll thank me for later!

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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#32 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:57 am

I know that I am reviving an old thread but, after the six week EP system event, I am very confident that the Fathier Rider takes the title as "most useless unit" in SWC!

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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#33 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:18 am

Still WED for rebs (except as bait for GR)... although to be honest I have only tried the demented donkey a couple of times...

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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#34 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:43 am

Just upgraded the camel on crack to lvl3! .... indeed with zero intention of ever using one.

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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#35 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:12 am

Yep, I agree with you guys. The horse is not only useless, but to give it a space in your transports of 25 uc , really is extracting the urine.
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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#36 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:10 pm

I C-3PO is a better unit that that stupid horse.
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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#37 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:04 pm

Ok. I will admit that I have not read the entire thread. I saw the title and decided to give my two cents.

As a lvl 10 guy with most things upgraded the obvious ones for me are the looters as I don't need resources that much.

But here is my list:

[list=]Tie Interceptors: Most of the units I use fly over or shoot over walls so why do I need a wall buster
AT-DP: Slow, Slow, and stupid AI in my opinion.
Advanced TIE: Too long of a cook time and not really worth it with the AT-ATC to knock down shields
Crazy Horse: Gotta love this usless unit
The Spider Hero thing: I love how it deploys 3 drones that follow along behind it. Now, if the drones were independent AI's that attacked other things that would be different![/list]

Anyways that's my list. The only other annoying thing I have is the mech repair droid that is injured by morters as if it was a walking unit...


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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#38 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:04 pm

The usefulness of troops changes with levels and with the addition of buffs. They also vary dramatically in wars (I've seen some pretty obscure load outs that work beautifully in wars)

The only units that I have deemed completely useless (to me) for Imps are scouts and probe droids. I even got decent use out of the 100+ rancors I had in my HQ. I used to use probes for mixing up my SC units, but got tired of people putting in repair droids instead. The Imp spider hero is a waste too as it was yet another melee range imp hero (which they didn't need) that was slow and required micromanagement.

I've also had success with TIE bombers and interceptors for both clearing traps and looting, respectively. They can very useful on certain bases, but the need for TIE def, healers and strikers usually takes precedence. I used a more diverse air attack for wars.

I never used these so I can't comment on their usefulness
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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#39 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:41 pm

KerrAvon wrote:
thewrener wrote:
Bubba wrote:Great thread. I generally agree with the original analysis, though of course my experience has steered me away or towards units differently. For example, I don't ever use the Elite AT-AT because it's too focused on shields, and that's what my regular AT-AT is deployed for.

Well, the AT-AT has the same job as the EAT-AT, but there is one crucial difference, the elite AT-AT takes down shields in one burst. While the AT-AT needs two bursts to take down a shield. That means that it needs to take a few extra seconds to fire again to finish the shield off, leaving it vulnerable to rocket turrets. The Elite AT-AT takes down shields in a single burst, and if the shields are lined up nicely and the EAT-AT properly deployed and screened, it will switch to generalist mode in no time. With the help of stromtroopers, it will outrange 80% of the turrets in the base, taking them down in a few shots

This is simply not true, unless you are attacking several levels down. At the same level the eATAT and the rATAT both require 2 shots to destroy an equal level shield. i.e. a lvl 9 eATAT and a lvl 9 rATAT both require 2 shots to destroy a lvl 9 shield. In fact they will both need 2 shots to destroy a lvl 8 shield and a lvl 10 shield. Differences only arise when you are attacking a shield that is 2 or 3 levels lower than the eATAT and rATAT.

I will also make the comment that the ATMP is not a useless unit. Like the differences between Dews, Dark Troopers and Gammos, as explained by Syncpan, there are differences between the shield busting units. You have to learn how to best utilise their different capabilities. The ATMP requires 2 shots to destroy a shield, like the rATAT. The ATMP has a lower UC cost and moves faster. It also cannot shoot over walls, so you have to find a workaround. And that brings us to another under-utilised unit - the TIE-interceptor. Just blow away some walls, and that is not an issue. I use the ATMP successfully with my current Vader loadout on my baby Imp account (lvl 8). Incidentally I bring along Dews, DTs and a Gammo with this loadout. They each have a different role.

I am a reb but I have a baby imp account. In my opinion the eatat is much better than the reg atat. First off, u can put a skin on it. This makes it super powerful. I often get wiped by eatat and jet combo. Second, eatat doesn’t take up 30 uc 30 uc for one unit sounds crazy to me. That’s 4 jets, or 3 crabs and a mech med if I’m remembering imp uc costs correctly. Of course if u use the eatat u don’t get to use any other heroes, but in my opinion imp overall isn’t made for melee attacking, and the rest of the heroes besides Vader and kessen for imps isn’t that good. Lastly, I think the eatat allows for much more synergy. This gives u a lot of uc to add crabs, tx’s, and mech meds. Or a ton of jets.if u used a hero like Vader, u don’t have as many synergies in my opinion. The empire doesn’t have any units that do melee dmg to turrets that is viable at a high Lv. Piggies are ok but take a long time to cook. From m defense replays, the most successful Vader attacks only use Vader to take out sc. if Vader is used to attack turrets, he usually dies pretty quickly.
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Re: Troops that are kinda useless

Post#40 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:31 am

The Arctic ATMP hero has tremendous synergy with buffed jumpers and INT-4's. It's really the only imp hero that keeps up with jumpers. I'd much prefer to have it available on three planets and the buffed eatat on Hoth, especially because then the buffed eatat could be used with buffed mhc's. Snow crabs are really too slow to work with the Arctic atmp and jumps.

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