How to get an account back

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How to get an account back

Post#1 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:50 am

So my phone crashed and I had to wipe it and then when I installed SW Commander again I had to start over at the beginning. I had all my buildings at level 7 or higher and also have spent some money on crystals so it sucks that I have to start over. Is there any way of geting my old account back ?

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Re: How to get an account back

Post#2 » Mon May 11, 2015 5:19 am

If you have a face book account them job done...

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Re: How to get an account back

Post#3 » Mon May 11, 2015 7:03 am

Read here: ... layerID%29
(Topic: I've Lost My Account?)
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