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Version 2.1.2 Out

Post#1 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:54 pm

Major changes include new Chapter 9 missions, improved AI during battles, and teaser on the next Dandoran Campaign, where likely a new unit will be unlocked.

Full update details below:

What's New in Version 2.1.2
Check out these new features:
• Chapter 9 missions now unlocked for both Factions! Venture to Dandoran in search of Senator Johhar Kessen, who will play a key role in your faction’s fight for power.
• Build up your base and improve your defenses more quickly by upgrading structures directly from the Upgrade menu.
• Updated artificial intelligence in battles! Deployed units now move through battle more effectively.
• Look out for Campaign 2, “Escalation on Dandoran”. Go head to head against other players and unlock new A-wing units for the Rebellion and TIE advanced units for the Empire.
• New Rebel Units: Unlock the Z-95 and put its center-mounted ion cannon to use tearing down targeted and surrounding walls of Empire strongholds!
• New Emperial Units: Unlock the TIE Interceptor to crush Rebel bases with its four wingtip-mounted laser cannons.

This update addresses the following issues:
• Crystal purchases not credited — Crystal purchases will now be correctly credited to players.
• Error code messages — Error code messages that force a player to re-load at the end of combat have been resolved.
• Missing donated droops – Unused donated troops no longer disappear from Unit Transport after reloading the game.
• Other fixes and performance improvements.

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Re: Version 2.1.2 Out

Post#2 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:08 pm

The AI Changes do not seem to affect game play much. My units still seem to attacks and defend the same way. Would be nice if you could instruct large units to NOT take the long way around buildings or walls to get to their favorite target.

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