Major Update 7/15: Planetary Maneuvers

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Major Update 7/15: Planetary Maneuvers

Post#1 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:24 pm

Commanders, today marks the second major release of the game we have to love or for some, love to hate. In addition to a brand new game icon, this update titled: "Chapter II: Planetary Maneuvers", allows you build the "Planetary Command" building, where you may choose to jump to different planets. There are 4 new planets to choose from: Dandoran, Er'Kit, Yavin 4, and Hoth. You may only choose one planet (any one) upon building the Planetary Command, and additional planets as you upgrade the Planetary Command. There are continuous "conflicts" or mini tournaments cycling through each of the planets.

The leader board now has a "Find Me" button. Click the button will automatically scroll to your position on the leader board, showing your rank and other commanders that are similarly ranked as you - the same works for your squad. For most of us not in the top 50 commanders, you finally see yourself on the leader board and know your true rank.

Here are 2 videos of the new update:
1. new game introduction for Chapter II
2. game sequence for building Planetary Command

There are many other improvements in addition to the Planetary Command and leader board. Below is the full description from the developers:

Chapter II: Planetary Maneuvers

The Galactic Civil War continues to rage on. The Rebels, keeping on the move, scour the galaxy for locations to set up secret bases to launch attacks, while The Empire commences its quest to seek out and eliminate Rebel forces and restore order to the galaxy.

The Galactic Empire has dealt a series of blows to the Rebel Alliance, scattering their forces and heroes across the galaxy. But the Rebels are not so easily beaten. With the conflict at its apex, both factions seek to double their efforts and come out victorious.

Your skills and commitment to your faction as a Commander on TATOOINE have not gone unnoticed by your leaders, and you will be required to serve a larger role in the Galactic War. An expansion of your command is in order, and with that responsibility come the tools to do so. Erect a Planetary Command in your base to gather galactic intel and relocate your base and forces to new worlds in conflict.

Your faction is depending on your strategic knowhow, commitment, and combat skills to turn the tides of each conflict you encounter along your journey to victory!


World Relocation
Move to other planets by building the Planetary Command building (unlocked at HQ5).
  • Planets available at launch: Er’Kit, Dandoran, Yavin 4, & Hoth.
  • Earn stars in PvP by battling rivals on your current world to be able to relocate your base between unlocked worlds freely.

Galaxy Map
The Planetary Command grants a view of the galaxy, providing tactical intel into the status of Conflicts throughout the galaxy. Here, you’ll be able to see how many players are on a planet, who is winning on a planet, and where you lie in the rankings.

Updated Play Menu
Viewing the Play Menu by tapping the Play Button now showcases your current world. This updated menu can also be accessed through the Galaxy Map and will surface information relevant to each world, such as friends and squadmates on the world, and also Conflicts and event times.

Worlds In Conflict
The Conflict rages on! Compete in tournament-style World Conflicts on a rotating schedule between the available worlds in the galaxy.

PvP Victory Loot Bonus
Placement in a medal tier at the end of a World Conflict rewards loot bonuses! For a number of days after the conflict, earn a loot bonus for any victory scored against your rivals in PvP.
Note: Loot bonus does not come from a defender’s resources, but is an added bonus for winning a PvP battle.


Local Leaderboards
Be a leader! Leaderboards now surface all Commanders, regardless of rank by displaying other leaders relevant to your current rank, in addition to the top 50 Commanders.

Squad Donation Surfacing
Now you’ll know when you’ve received donated troops, and from whom they were donated. With a log kept in chat as well as upon returning to the game, both the surfacing and messaging of troop donations will be much more clear.

  • Fixed an issue where traps appear when visiting a player’s base (found by tapping around).
  • Fixed an issue where the Starship Command building would not list the capacity above the building in base view mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players could deploy starships after a defensive story battle ends.
  • Fixed an issue where contracts for troops training would occasionally cause desyncs.
  • Fixed an issue where units with clip retargeting would not retarget if they were shooting shields.
  • Fixed an issue where donations would not complete if the player closed the donation window before donations were fully sent.
  • Fixed an issue where units would occasionally freeze in place during an attack.
  • Fixed an issue where MHC/Hailfire droids would not properly path.
  • Fixed multiple squad issues where players would see duplicate, incorrect ordering, or “Elder”-tagged messages in squad chat.
  • Fixed multiple edge cases where donations to other players would not properly go through to that player.
  • Fixed an issue where medic droids would attach to a Droideka Sentinel.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not see the “Next” button when searching for attackable bases.

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Re: Major Update 7/15: Planetary Maneuvers

Post#2 » Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:10 pm

May I post my videos on star wars commander game by you people

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