Unit balance changes 11/4

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Unit balance changes 11/4

Post#1 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:22 pm

Mobile Heavy Cannon (Empire) & Rebel Hailfire Droid (Rebel) - Level 7 Vehicles
  • Both have favorite target changed to Turrets.
  • Increase range of both units to 9.
  • Both have increased damage against Turrets plus AOE (area splash) damage. Expect both vehicles to be specialist against Turrets and especially to groups of Turrets due to their AOE damange.

Heavy Stormtroopers & Heavy Troopers - Level 6 Units
  • Increase the damage against Shields.

Shock Trooper & Vanguard - Campaign Unlocks
  • Increase the damage against Walls and Headquarters.

Royal Guard - Empire Hero
  • Favorite target has been changed to Turrets.
  • Change the class of the Royal Guard from Generalist to Bruiser.

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