Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

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Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#1 » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:49 pm

Today, we have a Cantina to mingle with the mercenary just like in the movie. If you only you could hire the Millenium Falcon, but instead, you get to choose from the Gamorrean Warrior or the Twi'Lek Incinerator. If you haven't been to the Cantina yet, it's kind of like this:

From the Developers:

New To The Game
    Cantina Building
    Build the Cantina and use your contraband to hire special mercenary units.

    Gamorrean Warrior
    A heavy bruiser mercenary who is able to tank large amounts of damage. Upon death, the Gamorrean will throw his axe across the map, dealing damage to whatever it hits. Hire this unit from the Cantina!

    Twi'Lek Incinerator
    A quick striker mercenary that deals AOE fire damage to enemy targets and applies a burning debuff against those units. Upon death, the unit explodes, dealing AOE fire damage to enemies around it. Hire this unit from the Cantina!

Gameplay Changes:
    Decreased the healing effect from medic droids on Johhar.
    This is to account for the fact that the ability to heal Johhar is only for Rebel players.

System Updates:
    Implemented a buff and debuff system to allow units to apply dots, reoccurring aoe damage, etc.
    Improvements to the Medic system to allow better tuning of units in the future.

    Multiple client improvements to allow the gameplay tuning to occur through hotfixes, instead of requiring client fixes.

Additional Updates
    Multiple art improvements, including improved death animations for multiple units.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#2 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:43 am

After this new update, rebels are weakened again... After a previous update that improved imperial forces, this new update weaken rebels forces. This game has become a one sided game. I have rebel level8 base, I am always destroyed 90-100% by imperial forces level 6-7 most of the time without any air support.... This is happening within 2 min each time after my shield is off.
On my side, if I manage to get 60%, with all my attacking forces at their maximum (level8) with full air support and hero level8, I am already lucky.
I do not get why the developers are favorizing imperial forces so much. The game should more balanced. Each upgrade is helping even more imperial forces which in my view were already stronger and more numerous ( rebels bases are attacked more often than imperial bases and therefore rebels are losing much more resources).
I do not even mention the poor behavior of the juggernaut and other heavies... (Slow very slow)
Really do something to balance the game.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#3 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:02 am

I come back to correct myself. After this new update My base is destroyed at 100% each time.
Seriously, what have you done? Do you want rebel players to stop playing. I have been playing since the start, and I am nearly at maximum level for everything (base level 8) and I lose at each attack from an opponent level6-7 and now I lose 100% each time. This a big disavantage to collect resources and for tournaments.
I think I will quit the game. Seriously, this is so unfair to see imperial forces getting better and better after each upgrade. I do not get it. Seriously prove me wrong and tell me what rebel unit is as strong as the AT AT. The answer is easy: none. No rebel force can target the shields at their edge, not being touch by mortar and can destroy every base defenses out of range.
I use to love playing this game but I will really give up, it has become a one sided game.
Do you try to play it as a rebel when you are developing. Explain me what I am doing wrong, really...

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#4 » Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:47 am

Hi Renaldd,
i am a Rebel player at Level 7 (still some units waiting for lv 7 upgrade). My turrets are level 4-6, my shields lv 6 and my SC is currently upgrading. But I rarely get a 100% defeats even though I am usually attacked by lv7 or lv8 Imperials. Usually also with 4-6 TIEs.

What do you put in your SC? Did you have a look at the bases / defensive replays of your squad members?
If you aren't in an active squad then join one. Check the recruiting subforums here and in the "official" playdom forums.

From what I've been seeing in my squad there are two factors to deal with (e)AT-ATs:
#1 Space your shield generators widely, so AT-ATs will have to walk.
#2 Maybe split up your base (in 3) and spread single wall segments on the map only to control the "deployment zone".

My Lv7 base is a rather tradional corner base (roughly rectangular). Nothing special, but with one SG further out near the center of the map. Also the HQ is not under the shields and not protected very well. Sometimes attackers waste their TIEs on it. I have "normal " walls and did not split up my base though. But I rarely get 100% because the attackers time runs out. Often I even keep 50% of the loot.

From my perspective you should be able to avoid getting regularly 100% defeats. But you can't avoid being looted.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#5 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:08 pm

Place your base in the corner with walls around it. This forces everything to be dropped within turret range if they want inside your base.

On the exposed side, where they can come in from a distance, be sure to keep your squad center full.

Spread out ancillary buildings far from your base and save a turret or two on the opposite corner, forcing your enemy to commit resources on both sides of your map.

This way, you usually won't get 3 starred.

One thing to remember, though, is that defense is much more difficult than offense. You can make up for losses simply by attacking more than you lose. This is where the balance lies, for the time being.

I 3 star nearly every single base I attempt with a zerg rush, essentially, along with Han Solo, 2 heal bots, and 8 wookies. If things get iffy, I use my air strikes.

So, as far as the Empire being OP is concerned, I'd say defense is harder for both sides and to, basically, stop crying about it and get creative.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#6 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:34 pm

I kinda see it from the other lvl 6 hero AT-AT very rarely gets to wipe out all three shields and 100% victories are getting few and far between, in saying that I don't lose very often, however, I would say by far, most of my wins are two stars. Wins by the empire are by no means guaranteed, I lost twice yesterday in attack to rebels who had given some thought to defence. I attack with 6 lvl 7 hover tanks, 4 heavies, 3 repair droids, 8 troopers and a lvl 6 droideka. I use 4 tie defenders and 1 tie interceptor. The update hasn't changed the fact that a half dozen rebels wielding machine guns (followed around by indestructible medic bots) are still able to flatten my base more regularly than I am able to flatten rebels. Honestly, it's all very much a case of...the grass is always greener. If you are so sure the empire have the edge...switch sides. Stop blaming losing gameplay experiences on structural inequalities and be more upfront about taking responsibility for poor tactical choices. Enjoy and may the force be with you...always.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#7 » Sat May 23, 2015 6:04 pm

Renalld, you must be doing something wrong. I have a lvl 8 hq all lvl 7 turrets forte empire, our heal droids are worthless, no one uses them. I get hit with lvl 7 rebels stuff, no air support all level 8 sg's and still lose 90-100 every time. Ive tried 20 different set ups, all the same. When i attack, even against level 7 stuff i barley can get 2 stars, never 3. My elite atat walks in place all the time, as do my heavy cannons. Rebels are waaaaaaaaaay stronger due to heal droids. If i attack, and there are 2 snipers in a lvl 7 rebel base, they will destroy my entire fleet in seconds....
just make 8 heal droids and you will win every your 4 wheel thingys destroy me lvl 8 sg in 2 hits....join a squad and learn a little.

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Re: Game Update 3/19/2015 - The Mercenary Cantina

Post#8 » Wed May 27, 2015 2:35 pm

Not gonna spend time on this.

Go to the database and study units. You don't understand how to play.

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