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Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#1 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:22 pm

Disney released an update today with a slew of changes. There are many new features to try out. For AT-AT players, you will be glad about some of the AT-AT AI fixes. Download the update from the App Store today.

These are the full list updates/changes from Disney:

Join with local cartels to strength your power and help turn the tide of battle against your foes. Earn access to new units and buildings while you protect the contraband from enemy forces.

    Battle Droid
    Defend and attack with the new battle droid unit, a mobile unit with a rechargeable shield.
    Upgrade the unit through 40 levels to increase its damage, defenses, and mobility.

    Battle Droid Platform
    The battle droid sits on the platform awaiting commands.
    Place this platform in key locations to allow your battle droid to quickly defend an area that an enemy has entered.

    Safe House
    Unlock the new safe house and upgrade it though 6 levels to store more and more contraband.

    Trade Port
    Unlock the new trade port and upgrade it through 6 levels to earn more contraband.
Strengthen your defenses by building traps in your base. Use them to call in your favorite starships to strike at enemy troops who are foolish enough to trigger the traps. Be sure to place them well though, as a quick enemy can quickly avoid the starship strike.

    Single target traps allow you to call in your X-Wing or TIE Fighter.
    Bomber traps allow you to call in your Y-Wing or TIE Bomber.
Play as both the Empire and Rebel Alliance, switching between 2 different bases. Start as a new Imperial or a Rebel, and play through the game from both factions.

This is a slow-role release, and will be rolling out to players on a slow deployment schedule.

    Gameplay Specifics:
    Unlocks at HQ6
    All production in your base pauses when a base is inactive.
    Inactive bases can be attacked.
    You cannot attack your own base.

    Account Specifics:
    Crystal balance is shared between both bases, and can be used on either base.
    Your Player ID is the same for both bases, and can be found in the Settings -> About menu.
    Syncing with Google Play / Game Center / Facebook will allow you to sync both accounts.

Art Changes:

  • Updated the squad invite flow to make it more manageable and user-friendly.
  • Added a particle effect to clearables, when a player has finished clearing them.
  • Added multiple celebrations to game areas such as chapter complete and building upgrades.
  • Removed close buttons from parts of the UI where they were not needed (as they did nothing).
  • Added an animation to the barracks to have the door open and close each time a troop is trained.
  • Added a Jawa to the droid hut.
  • Updated visuals to the spaceport and ships that show up at specific spaceport level bands.
  • Additional level updates to player buildings in base.


  • Added optimizations to the health system to improve performance in battle.
  • Added optimizations to the troop management system to improve performance across all areas of the game.
  • Updated transitions on low-end devices to decrease lag spikes that occurred.
  • Additional optimizations to improve performance on low-end devices and to address Android-specific issues.


  • Fixed a major bug where AT-ATs would continuously shoot walls en route to a target.
    • AT-ATs no longer shoot walls, but instead shoot over walls.
  • Fixed a major issue where AT-ATs would be unable to function if a target entered its minimum range.
    • AT-ATs will now back up to shoot at a target it has prioritized that has appeared in its minimum range.
    • Due to the wall fixes, any wall near an AT-AT’s feet will be crushed by the unit.
  • Fixed an issue where AT-ATs and Juggernauts would shoot through shields.
    • Note: This may not fix all shield-related issues, and we have dedicated resources attempting to find other cases that this occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where deploying larger units on the edge of the map would cause them to bug out due to simulation and pathing.
    • Units will now snap to the closest internal part of the outer protection zone if their unit size is larger than the protection zone area.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get outside of the viewable map when swiping on device during the FUE.
  • Fixed an issue where stamping walls did not have their footprint appear.
  • Fixed an issue where players could unlock event rewards twice, leading to crashes and a broken store.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if a building purchase was cancelled when hovering over another building before placement.
  • Fixed an issue where base scores would not match when visiting a base.
  • Fixed a crashing issue that would occasionally occur during Chapter 1, Mission 3.
  • Fixed a Nexus 4-specific issue where it would crash when trying to place the barracks during the FUE.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not join a squad until after they had closed the game.
  • Fixed chat sorting issues where messages would not properly appear or be ordered when loading.
  • Fixed multiple Nexus-specific issues where the devices would crash after any battle.
  • Fixed issues where players could request and join other squads when they are currently in a squad (players must now leave to join another squad).
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly sent chats would not be properly sent.
  • Fixed an issue where squad chats would be blank if they loaded while on another squad tab.
  • Fixed an issue where client did not update when players joined or left a squad.
  • Fixed an issue where health bars did not appear in battle.
  • Fixed an issue where available squads would not appear in the ‘Join a Squad’ screen.
  • Fixed an issue where entering the % in squad chat would crash the app.
  • Multiple other Android-specific issues (crashes, keyboard, visual issues, etc).

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#2 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:41 pm

Since the last update, AT-AT behaviour is worse than ever, true it doesn't shoot walls anymore, but...
It try to go to the shield generator, walking near all defenses, and .. Getting shot dead before it can reach anything...
AT-AT is now totally useless, because it dies before shooting the shields, it tries to go AROUND the opponent base, which is a very bad idea, because it gets shot by almost every defense in the process... this needs a fix... Quickly

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#3 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:21 am

I agree with Joum.
Since last update the AT-AT will walk to shields only.
It has to run through all the turrets to get there since range obviously isn't doing much.
It practically dies when first shield is down.
Also the pathing is worse. If you managed to take 1 shield out before it dies, it will walk the most stupid path or just run in circles.
This really needs to be fixed asap.

Storm Trooper
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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#4 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:04 am

I cannot understand how is possible that DIsney are paying such kind of developers not able to do a good job in every upgrade. Are they working for free? Why those bugs are always a damage for the Empire? Why never bugs that give us more crystals or stronger features? ;)

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#5 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:04 pm

I don't think this was a stability update but the game is running more stable for me than it was when I first started playing.

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#6 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:10 pm

Any time estimate when the AT AT will be fixed?

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#7 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:04 am

Same here. AT-AT is usless now.
Hope they fix it fast.

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#8 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:11 am

And plus the problem with the repair droids vs the unbalanced medic droids.

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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#9 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:14 pm

The game is completely out of balance now fix it or people will drop it in large numbers as it's not worth the time upgrading units to level 8 and in 40 seconds they are ll wiped out no the Rebels shields are still online.

This is an AT-AT walker and Darth Vader level 8 people not some ragtag units lets get this fixed.

P.S. Don't see too many Rebel players complaining now do we....

I wonder why that is could it be they can kill any base with ease and defend with impunity.


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Re: Game Update 2/2/2015

Post#10 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:47 pm

I'm a player on the Rebels side (early level 6). And yes, I am not complaining.

Before the update I had to restart the game after nearly every battle (also replay) because either units (factory, barracks,heros) could be queued or the game simply exited/stalled.

I used to take the Juggernaut with me but it's AI is also messed up similar to the AT-AT. Currently it does target one shield generator (shoots also over walls now) then it very often speeds around the base trying to target another SG (and is usually taken down before succeeding).

I switched to the AT-AP which usually is also good for taking down at least one SG and takes up half the space.

I am also very happy to read that the Replay/Empty SC bug has now (today) been corrected.

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